The Academic Technology Support Center - IT Support and a Pathway to IT Careers

May 24, 2017

by Sabrina Meriano

The Academic Technology Support Center (ATSC) is UNH’s walk-up support center for a plethora of software difficulties for any student or faculty member. Need help in removing malware? Want a hand in connecting your Nintendo Switch to the UNH network? ATSC is there to help! It also provides services that include printer setup, computer optimization, general account help, troubleshooting and support in downloading academic apps like SAS and SPSS.

Along with in-person support the ATSC also offers online chat support as well as tutorials and videos for common technology problems like network connectivity.

The ATSC must also constantly keep up with technological updates and new devices.

“We have to be prepared to support more devices and new tech that comes out every year,” ATSC Manager Mike Gosselin said. “It's a little more fast-paced.” Gosselin said that one of the more popular devices right now is the Amazon Echo.

The ATSC also offers real-life experience for its student employees. ATSC Supervisor Garrett Cypher employes 15-20 students both with and without work-study awards. “We provide the opportunity for some people to get technical jobs,” he said. 

Cypher estimates that only about 15% of the student employees are IT majors. Among the IT majors is Ryan Daley, 2018.

Daley began his work with the ATSC in Fall 2016.  “I got the email one day and was like, ‘sure might as well reply,’” he said.  Daley said that being an ATSC associate has helped him gain experience within his major’s field. So far, he said he’s learned new things about networking, malware and general operating system information. He also learned how to perform well in customer service, which he notes is “a big thing for IT.” Cypher, Gosselin and Daley agree that finals week and the first few weeks of school is when the ATSC is busiest, often seeing students toward the thousands, giving the student employees plenty of real-life experience.

“I like helping people, seeing people walk away with a smile on their face is good,” Daley said. “Finals week is always stressful so if we get to help them it's good for us.”  

The ATSC is currently accepting student applications for ATSC support. To apply, visit ATSC’s webpage.

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