New iPads Are Here! Read Our Review

May 8, 2017

by Alycia Brandt

iPad Pro by Apple
The new iPad Pro is a game-changer.

The iPad Pro is a game-changer for artists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, traditional painters, and sketch artists alike. The iPad Pro is equipped with a retina display, a faster processor, and two cameras that capture 4k video and high-quality photos. It’s also the first iPad with True Tone Flash, allowing for flawless skin tones regardless of lighting. The iPad Pro’s weight (the 12.9 inch model weights just 1.5 pounds) makes it extremely portable.

This device sets a new tone for iPads and technology. Capturing, editing, and sharing photos and video out to multiple platforms has never been easier with iPad Pro. Apps such as Photoshop and iMovie make quick work of photo and video editing.

In addition, the new Apple Pencil (not included) makes note taking, drawing, and painting a breeze on iPad Pro. It’s truly a transformative, all-in-one art tool, a true compliment to traditional brushes, pencils, sketchbooks, and canvases.

Even if you’re not an artist, photographer, or videographer, the iPad Pro offers speed, portability, and compatibility for more traditional users with software applications like Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its touch screen makes it easy to apply split screens and quick transitions from app to app. iPad Pro is the Swiss Army Knife of devices, as its capabilities extend from artistic (photos, videos, drawings) to utilitarian (email, web browsing, writing). iPad Pro pricing starts at $779.

The new iPad basic model is anything but ordinary, as it offers similar features to iPad Pro, with a more affordable price tag; iPad Basic rings up at $329 for the 32GB and $429 for the 128GB. One of the main differences between the two models is that Apple Pencil cannot be used with the basic model, but its 9.7-inch retina screen displays graphics beautifully, and a robust 65-bit A9 chip adds speed. Its battery lasts a long time, and two high definition cameras make it versatile for shooting great photos and video. Similar to iPad Pro, the basic model weighs in a just one pound, making it an smart choice for travelers or on-the-go families.

iPad Pro and the iPad basic model are both available at the UNH Computer Store. Go to for pricing, or visit the Computer Store in MUB 213 to check it out in person.  

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