New Personal Webpage Service Rolls Out in May

April 25, 2017

by UNH IT Staff

OpenScholar rolls out in May

Pubpages is going the way of MySpace, the Yugo, and CISUNIX email. During the first week of June 2017, PubPages will be transitioned to a read-only archival service for approximately six months; users will not be able to edit these pages, but they will still be viewable. After six months, Pubpages will be decommissioned.  

In May, a new service called OpenScholar will be rolled out in its place. This platform is available to UNH students, faculty, and staff who wish to maintain a personal website, and will be accessible at OpenScholar is a web framework for academic-related websites developed by Harvard University and allows users to build and maintain a website using a modern web content management system. To preview OpenScholar, go to

For questions regarding the decommissioning of Pubpages, please email An article in the UNH IT Knowledge Base will be updated with FAQs to address users’ questions and concerns at: 

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