Easy to Use Zoom Web Conferencing Shows Steady Growth

April 19, 2017

by Sabrina Meriano

Need to meet with a group for an important conference or a school project, but you can’t travel? No problem. Say hello to Zoom, a software that offers excellent quality for virtual meetings. All UNH students, faculty, and staff can use Zoom for free! It’s less expensive than UNH’s previous client and much easier to use.  The host of the meetings can share his or her screen and mute other callers if their background noise is disruptive to the conversation. Hosts also have the option to record the entirety of their meetings.

The cool part? Zoom can be downloaded on computers, smartphones and even old-fashioned landlines can dial a number to be connected to these calls!

“The number one thing is ease of use. This [Zoom] is really easy to get going,” said Academic Computing Systems manager David Blezard. “You don’t need to jump through a whole bunch of weird hoops to get it set up…”

Currently Zoom has 1,706 users and since the university began to use it broadly in September 2016, Academic Technology has only had to field 14 tech support calls. Records show that nearly 100 meetings are being held daily by UNH faculty, students, and staff.

Academic Technology is in the final stages of integrating the recording of Zoom conferences into Kaltura, making the process of archiving sessions easier. Zoom itself is also in the midst of adding a polling feature that will have benefits for meetings and for instructional uses.

What’s next? “I mean,” Media Collaboration and Services Manager Mike McIntire said. “If it could pour me a cup of coffee during a meeting…”

Get started with Zoom video conferencing by visiting: http://zoom.unh.edu/

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