The New Box: A Faster, More Transparent, and Engaging Experience

March 7, 2017

by UNH IT Staff

















On March 27, 2017, UNH IT will be unveiling the new Box View, a feature-rich interface that is easier on the eyes and allows for a faster, more transparent, and more engaging experience. Although the official implementation date is on March 27, UNH students, faculty, and staff can start using it, immediately. When users log into Box over the next few weeks, they will be greeted with the message below. Click on the ‘Try It Out’ button to start using the new view. Users will also be able to switch between the old and new versions until March 27, when the new Box View is implemented. For the next two weeks, this new view will only appear on your default web browser but will apply across all web browsers installed on your computer starting March 27.






Box View: New Features

Sharing and Collaboration:

Box View makes sharing and collaborating easier.  With a single click, you can share access with collaborators or share a link to a file or folder.







Arranging files:

Box folders and files can now be sorted by name, date, or size, and can be displayed with either a grid or list view. Below is a screenshot of Grid View and its new features.








File Details:

More in-depth details on files and folders are now available. Highlight the file or folder in Box, and on the right, a new menu will appear Sharing and Details. Click on details to get more information. A description for files or folders can be added for easier searches.















To provide feedback on Box View, or to revert to the previous version of Box until March 27, click on the "?" icon in the upper right corner of the Box Web App.










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