Using myCourses for Snow Days

February 24, 2017

by Fran Keefe with Marquis Walsh and Peter Doughty

Here in Snow Hampshire, during the winter, UNH often curtails operations for inclement winter weather. This post will highlight a few options that you have available in case school gets cancelled and you need to make up some class time.
Please note each and every course has a myCourses site regardless of rather you have used it in the past or not, it exists. Your students are enrolled in it and you can use it for the purpose of posting content.

Recorded Content:

In myCourses you can enable the My Media (Kaltura) toolset. Click the settings menu item in the left-hand course menu and choose navigation. Find My Media in the list of menu items, usually at the bottom of the page, and click the gear icon to the right of the menu item to enable it. (Be sure to click the save button at the bottom of the navigation page.)
Once you have added the My Media link, here are the different types of content you can create:
Webcam recording - This will simply record you talking using your computer webcam. Best to keep recordings short, 5-15 minutes. This option is best for delivering a short lecture where your face will be recorded on the screen.
Capture space - This is a lecture capture tool. That simply means you can have a PowerPoint presentation (or anything else) on the screen and your image at the same time. This may be better for more complex lecture content.
Video quiz – This is really taking it to the next level:you can add some multiple-choice questions into a video lecture to engage students with the content. The key here is to have the questions already written prior to making the recording.
Here is a link for embedding any of the above content into your myCourses course.


You have the Tegrity Lecture Capture tool available to you via myCourses. This tool can also record lectures with PowerPoint and your image on the screen.
Here are some details about how to add Tegrity to your MyCourses course:
You have the Zoom Synchronous Conferencing tool. You can use Zoom to hold a live session (can also be recorded) with your students. This is very similar to Skype but lends itself to a classroom or meeting environment.
Here is some info on zoom:
If you make any content available to your students, you should send out an announcement via myCourses.  Here is a cheat sheet on how to make an announcement.
And remember, just like you have to remove all that snow – you have to BE PREPARED to prep for the snow day class work as well. Along with having gas for the snowblower and hats and gloves ready, take the time and effort to be prepared to build out the content needed for your students. Here are some helpful links to get you ready:

Tegrity for Lecture Capture:  
Kaltura for a screen capture:
myCourses training:

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