myCourses Storage Limit Options

October 21, 2016

by Peter Doughty

All myCourses courses have a file storage limit of 500 MB (megabytes). It's actually 524.3 for those wanting to go the extra geek mile! For most faculty, this limit will be fine, but if you are using large files, (audio and video files, high resolution images, media-heavy PowerPoint or Adobe presentations and complex programming files come to mind) it is possible to quickly use up your quota. So you probably want to know about alternate storage methods to be able to manage that pesky storage limit. 

There are three main alternatives to manage some of these files using other resources that will make it easier to stay within your quota as the files stored by these other resources will not count against the myCourses storage limit.

Tegrity is a lecture capture application which excels at capturing both the presentation as well as the presenter. Tegrity videos are stored in the cloud and accessible through myCourses. To learn more about Tegrity, please see the following article:

Kaltura is a tool allowing video/audio file uploads to a course. To learn more about Kaltura, please see the following article:

Box is cloud storage. You can store most any type of file in Box including media-rich PowerPoint files. If you are using stand-alone media consider using Tegrity or Kaltura for storage and accessibility. The way in which a file is retrieved (whether through mycourses or Box) is transparent to the student. To learn more about Box and myCourses, please see the following article:

If you want additional help using these tools, please enter a support ticket:

If you are following best practices by using Box, Kaltura etc. but are still having trouble staying within your quota you can request an increase. Please submit a support ticket with your request.  Be sure to include the course name:

Please contact us with any tips or suggestions.


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