Updates to myCourses for Saturday 8/27

August 24, 2016

by Alicia Medros

It is back to school time and I would have loved to see them a few weeks earlier, but there are a few feature updates in this weekend’s Canvas that I am really excited about and am glad to see for the new Academic Year.

As always, you can read the Canvas release notes for the full details on all the updates, but I have highlighted those that will be most impactful to you and your students below.

  1.  Look and feel of the index pages including Modules, Assignments, Quizzes, and Conferences.  These pages have all been updated to make them a little easier to read.  Style changes include:

    1. Larger icons to indicate the content type
    2. More whitespace around the icons and text
    3. Text wrapping so long assignment or page names will no longer be truncated
    4. Improved responsiveness for access on mobile devices
    5. Text relocated to below the title for additional information like dates and points

               Current Module Index Page Look and Feel

Current Module Screenshot

                Updated Module Index Page Look and Feel

Updated Module Screenshot

  1. Instructors can now add Dashboard Course Images.  This means in addition to the color coding of the courses on the dashboard your course can have its own image displaying underneath the user’s selected color for the course.  See below.

Course Settings for Image

Course Settings Screenshot

Dashboard with Course Image

Dashboard with Image Screenshot

  1. Help Menu Placement has been updated to move it directly below the Inbox icon so you do not have to scroll to the bottom of the screen to access it.  This will be a great reminder that all you or your students need to do is click the link to get 24/7 Chat Support!

Old and New Navigation Screenshot

  1. Calendar Events editing now allows for you to switch which calendar an event was created for.

Have a great semester and don't forget to follow our RSS feed to continue to get these updates and other useful myCourses information.

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