Why are courses I’m taking/teaching not showing in myCourses

July 15, 2016

by Peter Doughty

myCourses by Canvas operates on a three-week release cycle through which features are added or updated. Academic Technology Teaching and Learning Support blogs highlights from myCourses’ production release notes, a link to these notes, and other relevant content in the days surrounding a production release.


This round of myCourses updates are again fairly light. Please see the links at the bottom of the blog to see the details if you are interested. A reminder that  InstructureCon 2016 will be taking place from July 19th-21st in Keystone, Colorado:


Now that the Spring Semester is in the books, Summer Sessions are in progress (and winding down), and faculty are preparing for Fall, we have been getting questions about how best to leverage myCourses for these transitions and have organized the following FAQs:

1. When will I be able to see the courses I'm teaching in myCourses?

In myCourses,  course shells are created 8 weeks in advance of the semester, and students are added 2 weeks before the first day of classes. Please note that because of the transition from Blackboard to myCourses this year, Summer and Fall 2016 have already been created.

If you wish to have either of these steps done earlier than the mentioned dates, please submit a request to the AT Staff here: https://itsupport.unh.edu/mycourses/

2. Why can't I see courses that I know I am taking or teaching?

By default, up to 12 courses show in alphabetical order on the Dashboard. You can access all courses by selecting Courses > All Courses from the blue Global Navigation Bar on the left side of your myCourses screen. 

From the All Courses menu, you can "favorite" a course by clicking on the star next to the course name. The star will change to a gold color. Once you favorite a course, only favorited courses will show on the Dashboard. When you "favorite" a course, it essentially locks the course on your Dashboard until you "unfavorite" it. If you want to "unfavorite" a course, go the the All Courses list and click on the star to remove the gold color.

When semester based courses are created the course will automatically appear either in your All Courses list or on your Dashboard. If you are using the "favorite" option, then the new course will appear only in the All Courses area because you have "locked" other courses on the Dashboard. Using the "favorite" option is a great way to customize your Dashboard, but it also prevents new courses from automatically appearing on your Dashboard.  Follow the steps in the previous paragraph to update your Dashboard to show your new "favorites". On the mobile app, the dashboard shows the same courses as on the desktop version. Users can view all courses and control their favorites under settings (gear icon) in the upper right.

Users can also control what courses appear in their Calendar.  On the desktop, they see a list of courses and check which ones they want to see in the calendar.  On the mobile app, they click the Calendar Control Icon in the upper right corner of the Calendar to select which courses to see.

Here is a link to more information about customizing the course list from the Canvas guides:


3. Why can't my students see the course and/or why can't I send an email to my students through myCourses?

Faculty must publish the course before students can see it. This is similar to making the course available in Blackboard (but easier.) Go to the Home page of any course and click Publish. That's it! Courses must be published before you can send a message or announcement to students. Don't forget that you also have to publish individual content by clicking on the grey clouds to turn them green (most conveniently accomplished from the Modules page.)

4. What happens to my course once the semester/term is over?

Courses will conclude automatically 4 weeks after the term end date. Concluding a course allows the user to view a course in read-only mode. This means the user will be able to access the course but not be able to submit assignments, participate in discussions, or send/receive conversation messages in the course. The user's analytics will still be available.

Here is a link to a UNH KB article with more detail:


As well as an excellent blog post from the end of the Spring 2016 semester:



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