Free Windows 10 Upgrade Expires on Friday, July 29

July 26, 2016

by UNH IT Staff

Microsoft’s offer for a free Windows 10 upgrade expires this Friday, July 29, 2016. This deadline will not apply to those who use assistive technologies. After July 29, Windows 10 licenses can be purchased through the UNH Computer Store. For questions regarding new Dell purchases and which Windows version to use, please contact the UNH Computer Store at 603-862-1328.
UNH faculty, staff, and students may choose to upgrade to Windows 10 at their own risk. There is always a chance that an application will not work well with a new operating system. Should you experience a problem, please note this upgrade can be rolled back to previous versions of Windows for 30 days. If rollback problems occur, contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 for assistance. 
For UNH Enterprise Applications, UNH Information Technology's Enterprise Technology Services (ETSrelies on its vendors to certify their applications with new versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. At this time, very few ETS vendors support the Windows 10 operating system, but all of them support Internet Explorer 11, which is available on Windows 10. No ETS applications support the Windows Edge browser, the Windows 10 default browser. Also, current versions of Banner will never support the Window 10 operating system. Please see the ETS Applications support matrix here. Although ETS cannot guarantee these applications will not have issues, many Enterprise Application users have upgraded to Windows 10, using the IE 11 browser, without issue.
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