New Features Added to UNH Email on 7/6

June 29, 2016

by UNH IT Staff

Proofpoint is UNH’s new email gateway. What does this mean for you? It means much less spam and much more control over the email you receive. On Wednesday, July 6, two new features will be turned on. Here are the details:

End User Digest

Think of the End User Digest as a safety net. It identifies email from senders with which it is unfamiliar and allows you to take action accordingly. This feature is similar to your existing Junk Mail folder in Outlook, except it puts the decision-making power in your hands. If the sender is legit, you simply click on a link to let Proofpoint know it’s safe. If it looks like spam, no action is required, and all future email from the sender in question will be deleted after four weeks from the day the message arrives. End User Digest also allows you to view these messages without the worry of infecting your machine should it turn out to be malicious. You can also opt-out of End User Digest if you wish.

Bulk Mail Rules

Remember that time you signed up for a contest at a conference using your email? Are you tired of seeing commercial emails from this company? Bulk Mail Rules is an opt-in service which will route all commercial emails to a folder of your choosing. You can review this folder at any time, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even find a discount you can actually use. For more information on Bulk Mail Rules, go to

For more information on Proofpoint, go to  

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