Personalization to Scale. Is that an Oxymoron?

May 13, 2016

by Peter Doughty

The updates for myCourses for Saturday May 14th, 2016 are very light consisting mostly of bug fixes. The notes and video are here:

Since the update is light, here's a tip: Is it possible to personalize to scale? Or is that phrase just an oxymoron? Whether you feel it is possible or not, myCourses does have a nice “Message Students Who” feature. This means you can send out messages to students (en masse) who meet certain criteria and you can do it directly from the grade-book. This option is an easy way to quickly message students who did well on an exam (or not so well), haven't submitted something, etc.

Interested in learning more? This myCourses by Canvas article gives you the how-to:

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