2016 UNH Lean Summit Awards

March 9, 2016

by UNH IT Staff

Photos from the 2016 UNH Lean Summit can be viewed here.

UNH IT Client Services won the 2016 Lean Culture Award

UNH hosted the Fourth Annual State of New Hampshire Lean Summit on Friday, March 4, 2016. This day-long event included many speakers, working examples of how various State and University departments have leveraged Lean to help improve their processes. The day included a table top Lean exercise, and a panel of experts who discussed Lean’s role in improving their businesses.

The day kicked off with a keynote speech from Victoria Dutcher, UNH President of Enrollment Management. “To truly be ready for an unpredictable future, we need to invoke a culture change, a culture OF change, ” Dutcher said. “An innovative and entrepreneurial spirit – one that is informed, that uses data to understand what has happened and what might happen, but one that recognizes what could happen too, if we took calculated risks.”

Along with the State of New Hampshire, UNH handed out awards to various departments in recognition for their dedication and commitment to enhancing their customer’s experiences, while creating efficiencies for the University. This is the first year UNH has awarded departments for their Lean efforts.

The Gift Agreement Process Team won the Lean Project Award

The first award given was the Lean Culture Award, received by UNH IT Client Services. Criteria for judging relied heavily on evidence of departmental Lean engagement, including percentage of employees trained in Lean, and number of Lean Projects completed.   Diane Byron, Director of Client Services accepted the award on behalf of her department, representing teams from the UNH IT Service Desk, Computer Repair Services, Desktop Consultants, UNH IT Accounts & ITSM, and UNH IT Communications.

Next up, the UNH Lean Project Award was given to UNH Advancement for their Gift Agreement Process. Judging criteria for this award centered on projects that decreased process cycle time, demonstrated cost savings, and increased customer service or satisfaction by following the Lean methodology. This team was led by Project Manager Lindsey Dupont and Project Sponsor Misty McCarty.

The last award presented was the UNH Operational Efficiency Award which acknowledges projects that didn’t follow Lean methodology, but demonstrated process improvements. Received by UNH Facilities for their FAMIS to Go project. This team was led by Project Manager Mike Pirkl, Project Sponsor Larry VanDessel, and Project Team Lead Jane Vaughn.

A team comprised of UNH Facilities and UNH IT won the Operational Efficiency Award

UNH Vice President of Finance & Administration Chris Clement delivered the closing remarks. Clement was first introduced to Lean when he worked at Heidelberg for 20 years. He then moved into the role of Commissioner of the NH Department of Transportation, where he continued to use Lean to save money and drive many process improvements and efficiencies. Clement has supported the Lean culture at the University of New Hampshire, where it has taken a strong foothold.

“You can't fix what you can't measure,” Clement said. “Data is important. It’s also important to ensure and create an inclusive, value-driven culture. Transparency and effective communication are key. By nature, in New Hampshire, we're humble and don't boast. But when you do great things, such as when New Hampshire Department of Transportation saves 9.4M over the course of four years by using Lean methods, it's powerful. When you invest in education, we invest in the future of our state, our country. New Hampshire residents are counting on all of us.”

For more information on this year’s UNH Lean Summit, go to: http://unh.edu/it/lean-summit.





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