What You Missed at the July IT Coffee Talk

July 22, 2015

by UNH IT Staff

If you missed the IT Coffee Talk on July 9th, you missed a great introduction to our new CIO, Stan Waddell and a lively presentation about the Account Management System…but that doesn’t mean you missed out entirely!! 

Here is an overview of the Account Management System Q&A from the IT Coffee Talk presentation.

Q: Can Banner accounts for IT team members be submitted through the AMS or is it just for submitting requests for users?  Their understanding is that IT accounts have to be created internally, not through the AMS.

A: This is a great topic for an offline discussion to determine if Banner accounts for those administering the system within IT can and should be processed using the AMS.  

Q: On the My Account Access view, what does it mean when there is an account listed with a red X next to it?  This is confusing because they have access to the system, but it looks like they don’t.

A: Not completely sure what they indicates or what is driving it, but we will find out.

Q: Should hourly employees be set up as sponsored users?

A: No, hourly employees are still employees as they are receiving a paycheck (not a stipend) from the University.  As employees, they do not need to be sponsored.  If you need to request access for them prior to their start date, you can use the New Hire Early Access process.

Q: One of the required fields when requesting New Hire Early Access is the person’s birthday, isn’t that sensitive information?  Why is it required?

A: Birthdays are considered sensitive information but that means that they can be used/disclosed for legitimate business purposes.  We need the birthday for new hires that require early access because their information is not in the HR system yet and birthdate is a key piece of data we use for confirming identity.  As it is also required to use the Password Self-Service tool, it is important to enter the correct DOB on the New Hire Early Access request as an incorrect DOB will prevent that person from setting up their password.

Q: Who determines who can be the approver for an account?

A:  Approvers are designated as part of setting up the workflow for each account by the owner of the system or service being accessed.  Within a request, the actual approver is determined using business rules within the Account Management System.  Generally, these rules are driven off of department or another data element entered when making the request.  



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