UNH IT to Deliver Network Connectivity to Shoals Marine Lab

April 3, 2015

by UNH IT Staff

The National Science Foundation’s Field Station and Marine Laboratory program awarded UNH a grant to upgrade the network connectivity to Appledore Island in the Isle of Shoals. The Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) offers summer-long programs and performs key marine sciences research. Travel to Appledore is nearly impossible in winter, which currently hinders research. Increased network connectivity will allow researchers to manipulate remote control video devices on the island from their desks on the mainland. Such efforts would allow for the continuous study of the seal population, among other scientific research conducted in this unique ecosystem six miles off the New England coast. UNH IT identified options for delivering the network to SML within budget constraints. A Request for Proposal is in place for the installation of a microwave link from the mainland in Portsmouth to the island. Two Polycom video conferencing systems were purchased to allow adequate time for the SML faculty and staff to become familiar with using these tools in the educational process. They will be transferred to the island this summer and be part of the ConnectNH service offering in the coming year. The project as a whole is expected to be complete this summer.

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