Blackboard Organization Transition

Last spring Academic Technology (AT) announced that UNH would be undergoing a major transition this academic year to move all Blackboard organizations to a new platform.  

The deadline for all Blackboard organizations to be transitioned to their new home is  May 31, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all Blackboard Organizations be moved to myCourses automatically?

No, Blackboard Organizations will not be automatically moved to myCourses.

How do I know where my organization will be going forward?

The platform(s) you transition to depend(s) upon the services you need.  We recently sent you a survey and asked how you use your Blackboard org now and the services you anticipate needing in the future. Your response is being used to help us decide which platform complements your needs. If you missed our survey click here and complete a quick questionnaire. 

If you completed our survey then we'll be reaching out to you within the next few months to discuss our recommendations.

What platform(s) will I be using in place of Blackboard?

Refer to our Platform Guide for a list of services and their features.  Understandably, some of you will need services other than those listed in our Platform Guide.  We won't know that unless we hear it from you.  If you do need features other than those in the Platform Guide and neglected to include that in your survey response click here.

Who is available to help me with this transition process?

The Blackboard Org Transition team is committed to simplifying your transition and customizing services to suit your needs.  Please call or email:

Alicia Medros,  862-0821, Email Alicia

Joanne Crudele,  862-1415, Email Joanne

Heather Longe,  Email Heather

Application Matrix

If you do this in Blackboard: You may want to use:
Share Documents and Files Box or SharePoint
Email Faculty and Staff Groups Mailman, Outlook/Exchange, or Directed Communication
Email Student Groups Mailman or Directed Communication
Private Shared Calendar SharePoint or Outlook/Exchange
Public Shared Calendar SharePoint or Web Site
Application Storage and Review Box, SharePoint, Scholars Repository
Post Announcements Mailman, SharePoint
Facilitate Discussions Mailman, SharePoint
Provide Student Training or Academic Resources myCourses, Box, Mailman