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    The Moonshot Project - Identity and Access Management

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The Moonshot project is designed to positively impact the campus community. This project is the Identity and Access Management Program. UNH IT started this program in response to high demand for authentication services, password change and management, technical evolution, and our desire to constantly improve.

The objectives of this program are to improve client perception, experience, and awareness while enhancing security and modernizing UNH Information Technology’s Identity and Access Management posture.

What is IAM?

Identity and Access Management ensures the right people have the appropriate access to technology resources. It can be exemplified is a portfolio of services that can generally be categorized into several broad functions including:

  • Password Management – Establishing and Maintaining Passwords

    • Password Change Process, Password Policy (Complexity/Taxonomy/Frequency), Password Self-service
  • Authentication – Verifying who you are and sharing what you are across services? 
    • SSO, Federate Login, Application Authentication, SmartAuth, MyLogin, ADFS, CAS, OSSO, SAML
  • Authorization – What can they use?
    • Who can access what resources?
  • Directory Services - Datastore
    • Identity Records Management, AD, LDAP
  • Operational Responsibilities 
    • Account Management

      • Account Provisioning/De-provisioning
      • Non-primary Identity Accounts
    • Security
      • Compromised Accounts detection/remediation
    • Network Access Controls (Registration)


Timeline for the UNH IT Moonshot Project



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