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We have assembled a number of guides to help you think about rich media projects. The following list of resources, located in our IT Knowledge Base, will help you assign or complete assignments and help you think about using media in teaching and learning.


For Faculty:

For Everyone


In order to make reservations of computer time in the lab and equipment to check out, your faculty member must have previously filled out the Faculty Project Form to put you on the priority list.

If your course is on the priority list, you can make one reservation at a time in the lab. Because of limited resources, we hold a maximum reservation time of 2 hours.

You can also make reservations of recording equipment (camcorders, audio recorders, etc) through the Multimedia Center.

Otherwise the lab runs on a walk-in policy during open hours. Students working on course projects on the priority list can bump other students who are in the lab working on coursework or personal projects that are not on the list.

Data Retention

The Parker Media Lab (PML) will conduct an audit of account activity on the first day October and March. If your account has not been used in the previous 60 days, a communication will be sent to your official UNH email address with instructions on how you can transfer the files or keep your account active.

Once this communication has been sent, you will have 15 days to reactivate your account. After this 15 day period, remaining inactive accounts will be archived and will require special intervention from PML staff in order for you to gain access to your files. You may not be able to retrieve archived files for 1-2 business days and will not be able to use the lab computers until your files have been recovered, if you chose to have them restored.

After your files have been archived you have one academic year to retrieve your files before they are permanently deleted and will no longer be accessible.

At any time, PML staff is always on hand to show you how to make a copy of your files to keep on a portable hard drive or usb flash drive.