Log In Help

These tools can be used to help you find the information you need to log in using your UNH username and password. 

New User Activation

If you are a new user, start by finding your UNH username with the Find Your Username tool. 

Find Your Username

If you do not know your username, find it using the Find Your Username tool.

Find Your ID Number

If you do not know your USNH or Student ID Number, find it using the Find Your ID Number tool.

Change Your UNH Password

Your UNH username and password (also called your AD/VPN account) should be changed through the Accounts Management System (AMS).  Changing this password will also change your password for the accounts in the list below.

**If you only use myCourses(Canvas), change your password here.

Forgot Your UNH Password

If you know your username, but have forgotten your password, or have found that it no longer works, use the Reset Your UNH Password tool.

Manage Your Security Question

If you know your UNH username and password, you can use the Manage Your Security Question tool to set or change your security question.

Link Up Your Accounts

Having trouble accessing your accounts? Use the Link Up Your Accounts tool to synchronize your passwords.

Accounts Associated with Your UNH Account:


  • AD
  • AD Fileshares
  • Application Express
  • AppMan
  • Banner Advancement Self-Service
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Bomgar
  • BOX
  • CATS
  • CEMS
  • ContentCat
  • NewsCat
  • Crystal Reports
  • Drupal
  • EH&S Class Management System



  • EH&S Compliance Report System

  • Email
    • Outlook Exchange
    • Wildcat
  • First Year Programs
  • FTS
  • Health History Form
  • ID Lookup Tool
  • iLinc
  • Kronos
  • LibertyNET
  • myCourses(Canvas)
  • MyCPE
  • MyGranite
    • WebRock
    • Library Databases
  • WebCat
  • Library Databases
  • Housing On-line
  • Network Registration

  • Nolij
  • Nominations
  • Office Communications Suite
  • Pinnacle
  • Qualtrics
  • Remedy
  • Secure Wireless
  • Session Scheduling & Registration
  • Sharepoint
  • TeamDynamix
  • Telecom Online
  • UCR
  • VPNs
  • WebI (UNH)
  • WISE
  • Wordpress