AV Equipment & Prices

Equipment is subject to availability, so please make your requests in advance.

Equipment is free of charge to all UNH Registered courses, including equipment in conjunction with a course requirement (for example a presentation or assignment). 

Prices listed below are for Special Events Services (non-UNH Registered Course events)

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Equipment Description Daily Rate

Video Display and Playback Devices:

BluRay Disc / DVD Player BluRay disc and DVD Player $22.85
Document Camera For magnification of text, pictures, and 3D objects through a monitor or LCD projector $72.94

Audio Recording and Playback Devices:

Wireless Mic & Powered Speaker Portable speaker with paired wireless microphone. Lavalier (clip-on) or handheld microphone types available. Includes 3.5mm (headphone) input, allowing for device playback through speaker. Consultation required before rental. $52.44
Portable Powered Speaker w/battery Portable speaker with battery or AC power. Bluetooth or 3.5mm sound playback. Two Microphone or Instrument inputs. Handheld microphones available. Stand for speaker available. Includes 3.5mm (headphone) cable, power cable, and carrying case. Consultation recommended before rental. $52.44


Video/Data Projector Projection of computer or video signals $131.84


Tripod Screen 72" Front Projection Screen - Portable $8.68

Technology Enhanced Classroom Rental:

Installed Equipment - LaRC Room

(LaRC - Laptop Ready Classroom - Contains HDMI and VGA Connections, Projector, Sound System)


Installed Equipment - TEC Room

(TEC - Technology Enhanced Classroom - Contains HDMI and VGA Connections, Projector, Sound System, Blu-Ray/DVD Player)

Installed Equipment - Super TEC Room (Super TEC - Contains podium with installed Mac & Windows Computers, Blu-Ray/DVD Player, Microphone, Document Camera, HDMI & VGA Connections, Projector, Sound system) $291.33

Event Services - Audio/Video/Lighting/Technician:

Special Event Equipment Please visit this form (https://tdforms.unh.edu/avservices/) to request special event quotes.   
Audiovisual Technician Audiovisual Service Technician to be on site for your event. There is a 4 Hour Minium. $21.93/Hour

Hands-On (Computer-Per-Seat) Classrooms / Distance Learning Capable:

Room Rental - Non-Reg Hourly Room Rental for non-registered courses $95.70/Hour
Room Rental - Non-Reg Daily Room Rental for non-registered courses $476.29/Day

Daily Rate Equipment Prices as of July 1, 2018


Payment Options:
  • CASH - Exact change if possible
  • CHECK - Made out to "University of New Hampshire"
  • P.O. - University Purchase Order

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