Audiovisual Support for AT Instructional Continuity Plan

UNH Audiovisual Services is dedicated to our Faculty, Students, and Staff during the online-only instruction period as part of the University’s Coronavirus response. If you are in need of on-campus classroom assistance, please call our AV Hotline number at 603-862-2467 and leave a detailed message with your Name, Building/Room Number, question or issue you are experiencing, and a phone you will be reachable at. 

During this period, we will have a limited staff presence on campus. We will be responding to messages requesting assistance in the order they are received. If you are experiencing technical difficulties in a classroom, the easiest and fastest workaround may involve moving to another classroom after reporting the issue. 

As part of this support, AV Services has the following equipment available for faculty to reserve and pick up at Dimond Library on a first-come, first-served basis:

·     USB Document Cameras

·     USB WebCameras

·     Wacom Digital Inking Tablets

·     Windows and Apple laptops

To request this equipment for online instruction, please use the link below to fill out the Instructional Continuity support request form, specifying the equipment you are requesting.


Instructional Continuity Request Form


There are many technology resources available to provide instructional continuity for your classes when moving from face to face to online modality for a period of time. These tools are readily available and supported at UNH. For details about the tools and considerations for continuing your instruction, please see our short course on Instructional Continuity Resources. This course will help guide you to the appropriate resources based on your needs.  It also has links to the online and in-person training and support that is available currently.