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illustration of one-to-many mail distributionUNH IT maintains a mailing list server to support the creation of opt-in community mailing lists.  Any member of the UNH community may sponsor the creation of such a list. The only requirement is that you must have a return e-mail address within the email domains currently supported (UNH.EDU, GRANITE.EDU, USNH.EDU, etc.). If this would be a problem, there are  non-UNH alternative services also available.

Mailing lists at UNH are managed using Mailman,  a popular open-source electronic Mailing List Management (MLM) program with an easy to use web interface.  (Existing ListProc lists will be migrated to Mailman over the course of the Spring and Summer 2016.)

See the UNH Mailman home page for more information about using Mailman including how to manage your own subscription to a UNH Mailman list, as well as how to sponsor and manage your own list to create a virtual forum for your special interest group.

See the "What Can Mailman Do for You?" topic for a quick start about Mailman's best uses.

Contact the UNH Mailing List Admin via e-mail at:

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