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UNH students and staff can send print jobs to the pay-to-print system in the Student Computing Clusters, Libraries, and elsewhere on campus via the print.unh.edu website.

The Web Print Service allows easy, driverless printing of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org, PDF, and text files along with most image formats.  To use the Web Print Service:

  1. Login with your normal UNH username and password:
  2. Upload your completed document by clicking  the Choose File button, selecting your file, and then clicking Next:
  3. Wait until the status changes from Processing to Awaiting release.  Note that it may take up to a minute or more for large files to get processed and be ready for printing.
  4. Click the button for the desired printer.  Use Clusters for black-only printing.  Use Clusters Color for color jobs.  Optionally, first click the Advanced check box to select the number of copies, page ranges, and duplex options:

Your print job will be sent into the pay-to-print system and can be selected, paid for, and printed from any of the following locations.  Note that you must pay for your print job within 2 hours of submitting it to the queue, or it will be deleted automatically.

Student Computing Clusters


Departmental Labs

Charges as the same as if you are printing from the public computers in the Clusters at 10 cents per page for black, 50 cents per page for color, and a 25% discount for duplex printing.

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