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Box Edit is not working
Viewed 6017 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
This article covers turning on cookies for Box, clearing Box Tools (Edit) and reinstalling Box Edit For Box Errors when using a web browser, it is always a good idea to clear browsing history as well as Box Edit cached files.   Unable to Open File... Read More
Box Sync FAQ’s
Viewed 5996 times since Thu, Mar 10, 2016
Box Sync will be outdated in 2-3 years. UNH Box Sync has a file preview function but will be outdated. UNH recommends using Box drive for future compatibility. What permission level is required to sync a folder? To sync a folder you must be the... Read More
Box Drive Information
Viewed 4164 times since Thu, Jul 20, 2017
BOX DRIVE - Check out the UNH Box Information Site for additional resources, tips, and troubleshooting. Access billions of files from the comfort of your desktop without needing to take up much of your actual hard drive space.  Work with... Read More
UNH IT File Storage Data Classification
Viewed 3449 times since Tue, Mar 15, 2016
UNH IT Data Classification For more information please see the USNH Data Classification Model at you have questions, please contact UNH IT Information Security Services at Read More
Box Search Tips
Viewed 3058 times since Mon, Jan 30, 2017
Exact Match  Use quotes to search for exact matches on phrases. For example:  A search for "marketing 2014" returns a result that has sales and marketing 2014 within its text. It does not return a result that has marketing and sales 2014.... Read More
Box for Office: Plugin Not Appearing in File Menu
Viewed 2888 times since Mon, Mar 14, 2016
If the Box for Office plugin is not appearing in the File Menu of an Office program (Word/Excel/Outlook/PowerPoint) try these steps: In the top left of the Office program, click the File tab. On the left side menu, click Options. Click Add-ins and... Read More
Storing Restricted and Sensitive Data in Box @ UNH
Viewed 1980 times since Thu, May 28, 2015
Box @ UNH provides enhanced security via SSL connection and encryption of data at rest; however, some data is inappropriate for storage in Box @ UNH as well as most university general use servers and fileshares. UNH Data Classifications and Storage... Read More
Uploading Emails to Box Directly
Viewed 1713 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
Email Upload You can easily upload files or send attachments to a specific Box folder by email when you enable the Allow uploads to this folder via email option. You can then forward email attachments or send files to the email address generated for... Read More
Uploading Files To Box
Viewed 1696 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
Upload to Box There are several ways to upload files and folders to Box.   Drag and Drop Drag files from your desktop to the files page in Box. Your files will be uploaded and will appear in the folder where you dropped them. Dragging and dropping... Read More
Using Tags for Box @ UNH
Viewed 1674 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
Tagging Items in the New Box View -  Click here for current default Box view.   To tag an item Hover over the item you would like to tag, click the ellipses (...) to open the More Options menu. Alternatively, you can right-click the item. Under... Read More
Restoring Trash or Deleted Items in Box
Viewed 1566 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
Trash The Trash is where deleted items are stored for a certain period. These items are automatically purged after 60 days. From the Trash, you can recover deleted files and folders. Both the owner and the user who deleted the item will be able to... Read More
File and Folder Actions in Box
Viewed 1544 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
File and Folder Actions   Create New Files or Folders To create a new file or folder: Click the New button found in the upper-right corner of the page. Choose what you would like to create. You can create a new Folder, Bookmark (to any URL), Box... Read More
User Email Notifications in Box
Viewed 1237 times since Wed, Apr 26, 2017
User Email Notifications To keep you apprised of current events in your account, Box has built an email notification system that lets you know when your collaborators access or edit your files. It’s up to you what actions you’ll be... Read More
Using Favorites in Box@UNH
Viewed 921 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
Favorites Mark files and folders that you access often as Favorites, so that you can find them easily. These favorited Items will appear on your Favorites page. Mark as Favorite: Right-click the item (or click the ellipses (...)) Click Favorite  ... Read More
Using Search in Box @ UNH
Viewed 908 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
Searching for Files and Folders To search for a file or folder, click into the search bar shown in the center of the header. As you begin typing, suggested results will appear below the search bar. If one of the suggested results is the item you need... Read More
Version History Management in Box@UNH
Viewed 906 times since Wed, Mar 8, 2017
Version History Any time you make an edit and save or upload a new version of a document, Box overwrites the old version of your file with the updated version. Box keeps track of all file versions, and you can revert to an old version of a file at... Read More
Creating Tasks for a Collaborator in Box
Viewed 885 times since Wed, Apr 26, 2017
Creating Tasks for a Collaborator in Box Instead of shooting your coworker an email asking for quick feedback on a file, consider creating a task for them to keep the whole process right in one centralized location. Check the “Add Task” checkbox... Read More
Box Note Desktop Application
Viewed 814 times since Fri, Jul 21, 2017
Box Notes Desktop App Need an easy place to find your Box Notes on your desktop? Try the Box Note desktop application. Open Box in a web browser Locate your user profile in the upper right corner of the browser window Select Apps from drop down In... Read More
Adding Comments to a File in Box
Viewed 773 times since Wed, Apr 26, 2017
Adding Comments to a File   Get rid of lengthy email chains and keep your comment and notes directly in Box attached to your files!   Click on the document you want to comment on to view it in preview mode. At the bottom of the page type in your... Read More