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Software and Hardware Guide: Hardware Requirements
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Hardware Requirements at UNH   Where should I buy my computer? UNH students are encouraged to take advantage of purchasing through the UNH Computer Store to take advantage of the many benefits. Visit for additional... Read More
Using the UNH Computer Store Vending Machine in Dimond Library
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The UNH Computer Store Vending Machine in Dimond Library offering headphones, index cards, highlighters, phone changing cables, and other products for purchase is located in Dimond Library next to the desk of the ATSC (Academic Technology Support... Read More
Using the Dimond Library Print Stations
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The Printing and Scanning Center on the 3rd floor of Dimond Library offers printing services for students. Documents can be printed from a personal computer, or from any computer in the library. Printers and print stations can be found on the main ... Read More
Using an Encumbrance Number for Computer Repair Services
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UNH IT offers a variety of Computer Repair Services.  UNH Departments may use encumbrance numbers to pay for computer repairs by following these steps: Request an encumbrance from your Business Service Center (BSC), or check with your BSC to assure... Read More
Using the Cat’s Cache Machine in Dimond Library
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A Cat’s Cache machine is located near the print station on the main (3rd) floor of Dimond Library in Dimond Academic Commons, and offers options to make a Cat’s Cache deposit to an existing UNH account, to check the balance of an account,... Read More