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Connecting a Game Console
Viewed 10907 times since Wed, Jul 29, 2015
Connecting a Game Console Gaming devices (PlayStation, XBox, Wii) need to be registered on the UNH network and should use the UNH-Public wireless network. Follow these instructions to get your gaming devices online.  Using a computer on the UNH... Read More
Configuring Wireless Devices
Viewed 9860 times since Thu, Jun 4, 2015
Connecting to Wireless on Campus and Residence Halls Let’s start by registering your devices and connecting you to UNH's wireless. Connect to the UNH-Public wireless network. Open a web browser and go to http://wifi.unh.edu. Follow the... Read More
Connecting a Smart TV, Roku, etc.
Viewed 4890 times since Wed, Jul 29, 2015
Smart TVs, Rokus, Tivos, lab equipment, and other non-browsing devices need to be registered on the UNH network and may require an exemption to remain on the UNH-Public* wireless network. Use the following instructions to get your non-browsing... Read More
UNH Network Registration
Viewed 4317 times since Thu, Jun 4, 2015
UNH implements network registration via a captive portal environment.  When a new device connects to the UNH network it does so in a limited access state. That means there are very few things it can do, and some of those things are re-routed to... Read More
eduroam and UNH
Viewed 2273 times since Fri, Nov 13, 2015
As of November 24, 2015 UNH has deployed an SSID called "eduroam."   The eduroam network functions almost identically to the UNH-Secure network for local users.  What is and is not accessible is all the same. The purpose of the eduroam network is... Read More
Gaming on the UNH Network
Viewed 2109 times since Thu, Jun 4, 2015
The UNH wireless network has accommodated gaming consoles in the residence halls by the use of network rules specific to gaming consoles when they associate to the UNH-Public SSID.    The UNH-Public SSID provides a fairly unrestricted connection... Read More
Troubleshooting configuring for UNH-Secure
Viewed 2079 times since Wed, Aug 19, 2015
If your device does not contain settings for WPA2-Enterprise it will not be capable of joining the UNH-Secure network. In such cases, contact your device vendor for support. In most cases running the configuration applet located at https://wifi.unh... Read More
Network Access For Guests
Viewed 2021 times since Wed, Jul 8, 2015
General network access is available to guests of the University via both wired and wireless connections.  There are limitations to where wired connections are available, and not all wired connections will allow for guest access. To register on UNH... Read More
Why Won’t My WiFi Printer Work?
Viewed 924 times since Mon, Aug 31, 2015
For a variety of reasons, wireless printers do not work on the UNH wireless system using WiFi. Even though wireless printers work on home wireless systems, not all devices have a wireless card that can negotiate the WPA2 Enterprise security protocol... Read More
Broadcast reliant devices and the UNH Network
Viewed 750 times since Thu, Jul 23, 2015
Many devices designed to be used on home or small office networks will have difficulties functioning on and enterprise network like the one at UNH.  The reason for this is because they rely on various forms of broadcast traffic to advertise their... Read More
Wireless Coverage
Viewed 697 times since Fri, Jun 5, 2015
The UNH Wireless Network provides wall-to-wall coverage in all academic and residential buildings that utilize the central campus network.  Administrative and common (e.g. the MUB, the gym, Dining Halls, etc.) buildings have wireless service on an... Read More
Dealing with dropping wireless connections
Viewed 612 times since Tue, Jun 16, 2015
 There are several reasons why a wireless connection may drop, but they boil down to three categories… 1)      Infrastructure – is there a problem with the wireless service itself? 2)      Environmental – Is there something in the... Read More
PC Gaming over the UNH Wireless Network
Viewed 573 times since Tue, Sep 5, 2017
Gaming on PCs is subject to a very different set of criteria than most other use cases.  Whereas most use cases focus on high throughput (Mbs/sec transfer speed), gaming is less about quantity of data and more about consistency and speed of data. ... Read More
Management of AirGroup settings
Viewed 390 times since Fri, Aug 11, 2017
“AirGroup” refers to the functionality in our WiFi environment to organize and direct broadcast traffic.  This is an important function to preserve the stability of the WiFi network. Examples of devices that rely on broadcast traffic are things... Read More
UNH-Secure Certificate Expiration Notices
Viewed 335 times since Mon, Mar 27, 2017
As the certificate used to authenticate a device to the UNH-Secure wireless network is getting ready to expire, device owners should receive an email notification with whatever information is available to help identify which device needs to be... Read More
On-Boarding an Amazon Echo or Dot to UNH-WiFi
Viewed 210 times since Tue, Jan 23, 2018
Amazon Echo UNH-Public Connection Instructions:1.    Visit alexa.amazon.com on an internet browser. In step 8 of this tutorial, you will need to record the MAC Address of your Echo device, which will not appear if you use the Alexa app for setup.... Read More
What Sort of Speeds Can I Get on UNH Wifi?
Viewed 206 times since Thu, Aug 24, 2017
The short answer is, it depends on your machine; its wifi card; and the number of devices accessing the wireless access point (AP) at the same location, at the same time. Optimal conditions with the fastest wireless card could get over 400 Mb/s.... Read More
How To Generate Cloudpath/WiFi Applet Logs
Viewed 77 times since Thu, Dec 21, 2017
To generate the logs from the Cloudpath/WiFi applet, click the support menu "hamburger" icon in the upper left of the applet. Select "Generate Support File" from the support menu. The applet will generate the log files - this may take a few moments... Read More
Connecting a Vizio TV
Viewed 11 times since Fri, Feb 23, 2018
Register Device: Go to networking.unh.edu Click on Non-Browser Device Registration. Follow the onscreen instructions to register your device. Wait a few minutes for registration to complete. Some devices, mostly computers or tablet/phone type... Read More