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i>clicker: Registering a remote in Canvas
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To Reqister your i>clicker This article describes how a student registers their i>clicker in myCourses by Canvas. Registering your i>clicker Log into your UNH myCourses Canvas account. ( Navigate to the course in which you... Read More
i>clicker: Instructor’s Guide for using i>clicker software and hardware
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The attached document is a complete guide to i>clicker instructor use at UNH and contains information regarding the following topics:  Hardware Base Station Instructor Remote Student Clicker Mobile Polling Setting up the Software Starting a... Read More
i>clicker: Student Troubleshooting Guide
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Be sure to register your remote for each class using clickers at, NOT at My i>clicker won’t turn on. If the remote is new, be sure that the plastic tab has been removed from the battery case in the back.  Be... Read More
i>clicker: Creating a class and syncing it with your course
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Creating a Course Open your i>clicker software.  If you are using a Mac, you may receive the message “i>clicker is damaged and can’t be opened.”  This is not the case, and only means that you need to enter System Preferences >... Read More
i>clicker: Instructor’s Troubleshooting Guide
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Instructor i>clicker Troubleshooting Guide I am receiving a “Validation Error” when I try to sync my roster or upload grades. Be certain that you are using the correct i>clicker download files.  Do not download the software directly from... Read More
i>clicker: Download Software
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I>Clicker Software: Beginning with the Spring 2016 semester, Academic Technology will no longer support version 6 of the i>clicker software.  UNH is transitioning to myCourses (by Canvas) and version 7.8.1 is required for integration with... Read More
i>Clicker: Purchasing a Student Remote Polling Device
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Purchasing a student remote polling device   This article describes how a student purchases the i>clicker device to use in a myCourses by Canvas.   Purchasing a student remote device Student remote devices (i>Clicker2) can be purchased... Read More
i>clicker: Best Practices for teaching
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Instructional Profile: Using a Student Response System Profile While Clickers are a proven way to engage students and provide feedback on student comprehension to the instructor, take a minute to review a list of best practices so that you are... Read More