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iClicker: Student REEF and Clicker registration instructions
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Student REEF and Clicker registration instructions It’s important to register your REEF and/or Clicker device properly to ensure that your responses are being recognized and you are receiving points appropriately. The REEF app allows you to use... Read More
iClicker: Instructor’s Guide for using iClicker software and hardware
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iClicker User Guide The attached document is a complete faculty guide to using iClicker at UNH.  You can also sign up for training or request a session at  During training you will learn how to conduct a polling session, view... Read More
iClicker: Purchasing a Student Remote Polling Device or REEF app
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Purchasing a student remote polling device (Clicker or REEF)   This article describes where and how a student purchases the clicker device and/or a REEF app to use for Clicker polling sessions during class.   Purchasing a student remote device or... Read More
iClicker: Student Troubleshooting Guide
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Student Troubleshooting Guide   Be sure to register your remote for each class using clickers in your course at   Do Not register your device at My iClicker won’t turn on. If the remote is new, be sure... Read More
iClicker: Instructor’s Troubleshooting Guide
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Instructor iClicker Troubleshooting Guide Where do I enter the questions in iClickers? The questions do not get entered into iClickers.  iClickers takes a screenshot of what appears on your computer screen at the time you start a polling session. ... Read More
iClicker: Quick start guide setting up and using iClickers
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iClicker - Quick start quide This article is intended for the instructor setting up the iClicker environment. This article assumes that you have downloaded the Clicker software and have either attended training or read the complete user guide.  The... Read More
iClicker: Download Software
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IClicker Software: Beginning with the Spring 2016 semester, Academic Technology will no longer support version 6 of the iClicker software.  UNH is transitioning to myCourses (by Canvas) and the newer version is required for integration with... Read More
iClicker: Best Practices for teaching
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Instructional Profile: Using a Student Response System Profile While Clickers are a proven way to engage students and provide feedback on student comprehension to the instructor, take a minute to review a list of best practices so that you are... Read More
iClicker: Faculty instructions on how to set up REEF polling
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How to setup REEF polling for students If you would like your students to use the phone app to respond to Clicker questions, then you must first enable the REEF polling option in the iClicker software. REEF is the mobile polling option integrated... Read More
iClicker: REEF polling app for students - video about how to add a course
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REEF for Students If your instructor has enabled the use of REEF polling in your course, then you can purchase an app called REEF which can be used instead of (or in conjunction with) a iClicker device.  Once you have purchased the REEF app, create... Read More
iClicker: Upgrade to current version
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iClicker:  Upgrade software to current version   These instructions show you how to update your Clicker software to the most current version 7.17.  Open your iClicker software and at the top of the window you will see the version number that you... Read More
iClicker: Using Demographics for polling sessions
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iClicker  - Using Demographics for polling sessions     Need additional help?  Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible. Read More
iClicker: List of all Clicker articles for Faculty and Students
Viewed 52 times since Tue, May 22, 2018
 This article provides links to all Clickers articles in the KB for faculty and students.      Training iClicker: How to get started with iClicker     Faculty Installation or Update Clickers:  iClicker: Download Software  iClicker: Upgrade... Read More
iClicker: How to get started with iClicker
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How to get started with iClicker:   The iClicker Student Response System is the supported classroom response system at UNH.  The Clicker base is already setup in each register-controlled room.    Training for this system is conducted by Academic... Read More