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Parker Media Lab: Hours of Operation
Viewed 11497 times since Tue, Mar 8, 2016
Parker Media Lab Hours   PML Website Dimond Library Room 237(603) 862-1747 Regular hours for Fall and Spring semesters Sunday - Thursday   10 AM - 10 PM Friday 10 AM - 5 PM Saturday 12 PM - 4 PM   Summer Hours (beginning May 20) ... Read More
Rich media: Fix a video with sound on only one side
Viewed 10594 times since Thu, Mar 3, 2016
You may find that your video has sound coming out of only one headphone or speaker. This video will show you how to fix the problem. It is recommended to watch this video using headphones to fully understand the examples.   Read More
Zoom: An Overview of UNH Web Conferencing Software
Viewed 5867 times since Fri, Sep 9, 2016
UNH has a campus-wide license for Zoom, an easy-to-use web conferencing and web classroom platform that allows for real-time video and audio communication in events such as live class sessions, project meetings, job interviews, guest presentations,... Read More
Kaltura: An Overview
Viewed 4224 times since Thu, Jul 14, 2016
Kaltura Overview Kaltura is a set of tools for media hosting and delivery.  It is integrated with my other UNH tools including myCourses for hosting video and audio content for classes and Zoom for storing meeting recordings.  Kaltura also provides... Read More
Kaltura: Embed video and audio into MyCourses
Viewed 4133 times since Wed, Nov 18, 2015
This article will explain how to embed a video or audio file into a MyCourses course.  Kaltura media can be embedded into a MyCourses assignment, page, or any other area where the rich text editor (see image) is provided. Embedding Existing Media ... Read More
Kaltura: Upload or Create Media
Viewed 3735 times since Wed, Aug 3, 2016
Overview Kaltura allows you to upload video and audio files, create Capture recordings (screen and webcam recording), and create interactive video quizzes. These features can be accessed from the Media Gallery, My Media, or when embedding Kaltura... Read More
Kaltura - Captioning a Video
Viewed 3619 times since Thu, Jan 12, 2017
Captioning is here! Videos uploaded to Kaltura will now automatically be captioned! This process is handled by Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology and is 80% accurate. The remaining errors can be corrected by hand. This process is not... Read More
Zoom: Troubleshooting Tips
Viewed 3517 times since Fri, May 26, 2017
Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows for real-time video and audio communication in events such as meetings, lectures, webinars, and training sessions. Please follow this link for an an overview of Zoom at UNH.     Anyone having... Read More
Kaltura: My Media
Viewed 3339 times since Wed, Jul 20, 2016
Overview My Media is a page within a course that displays all Kaltura media belonging to the user. Every user who clicks on My Media will see different results as they will only be seeing their own media.  From the My Media page you can: Upload or... Read More
Parker Media Lab: Using the "AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable" to stream
Viewed 3193 times since Wed, Jul 5, 2017
The AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable (LGP) is a portable capture device that can be borrowed from the Parker Media Lab. The LGP allows you to connect an HDMI or component device (camera, game console, etc.) to a computer for recording or streaming.   ... Read More
Rich Media: Student Survival Guide
Viewed 2926 times since Wed, Apr 8, 2015
HELP! Where do I start? So you've been assigned a rich media project like making a video and don't know where to start? This guide will walk you through the process of working with rich media. Check the end of this guide for some helpful... Read More
Windows Movie Maker Alternatives
Viewed 2481 times since Wed, May 3, 2017
Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft’s free video editing software, has been discontinued and is no longer available. Some companies are capitalizing on this gap and offering software that masquerades as Windows Movie Maker, prompting users to pay... Read More
Kaltura: Download Media to Your Computer
Viewed 2295 times since Wed, Jun 1, 2016
This article shows how to enable downloading of your Kaltura media. It also covers choosing a format and saving the file to your computer. If you need more information about enabling your Media Gallery or My Media, refer to this article on enabling... Read More
Kaltura: Media Gallery
Viewed 2199 times since Tue, Jul 19, 2016
Overview A Media Gallery is a page within a course used for sharing video and audio. The gallery will display all media uploaded by instructors and students (student uploads can be set to require approval). Each course has its own Media Gallery.  ... Read More
Kaltura: Create video/audio assignment within myCourses
Viewed 2119 times since Fri, Dec 4, 2015
You can create an assignment for your students requiring them to upload a Kaltura media clip as their submission.   First, navigate to your course in MyCourses and click the Assignments link on the sidebar     2. Next, click +Assignment to... Read More
Rich media: Reduce file size of video using Handbrake
Viewed 2052 times since Thu, Oct 15, 2015
This video will show you how to reduce the size of a video file using the free software ’Handbrake.’ Read More
How To: Photo Editing Terms
Viewed 1989 times since Fri, Apr 10, 2015
There's a lot of terminology in photo editing, and it can get confusing. This interactive guide will help you wrap your head around how changes to over 20 different elements will impact the look of your image. Read More
3D Printing: Scan and print an object
Viewed 1981 times since Thu, Mar 17, 2016
It is possible to print a 3D model of an object or real-life person. This process is somewhat advanced and requires several applications. If you don't have anything to scan, you can download many different models from Thingiverse. A 3D printer... Read More
Kaltura: MediaSpace Overview
Viewed 1928 times since Mon, Jun 19, 2017
MediaSpace may be accessed by navigating to in any browser. What is MediaSpace? In short, MediaSpace is our own “campus YouTube”. It's a tool that UNH owns through our Kaltura media hosting license which allows you to... Read More
Zoom: Sharing Recordings in myCourses
Viewed 1867 times since Tue, Sep 20, 2016
Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows for real-time video and audio communication in events such as meetings, lectures, webinars, and training sessions. Please follow this link for an an overview of Zoom at UNH.  As of January 2019, all... Read More
Rich Media: iMovie Tutorial
Viewed 1716 times since Fri, Mar 25, 2016
This video tutorial explains how to use the basic features of iMovie. Read More
Zoom: Closed Captioning in a Live Web Conference
Viewed 1715 times since Tue, Jun 20, 2017
Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows for real-time video and audio communication in events such as meetings, lectures, webinars, and training sessions. Please follow this link to an  Overview of UNH Web Conferencing Software  for more... Read More
Copyright Laws for Faculty and Students
Viewed 1710 times since Thu, Aug 31, 2017
Copyright Laws for Faculty  Copyright Laws for Students If you have specific questions regarding anything covered in this presentation, please contact  USNH Counsel . Read More
Rich Media: Storyboard Templates
Viewed 1690 times since Fri, Jun 17, 2016
A storyboard is a beneficial and useful tool in the video-making process. It acts as a visual aid that makes it easier to share and explain your ideas, which can make the entire process much easier and save time. A storyboard can be anything from a... Read More
Kaltura: Sharing Media with Other Users
Viewed 1652 times since Thu, Sep 7, 2017
Kaltura media owners have the ability to change media ownership, and are able to add co-editors and co-publishers to their media.    Co-editors can edit the media entry's details, trim and replace media, and edit things like captions and... Read More
Captioning Workflow
Viewed 1632 times since Wed, Mar 1, 2017
While there are many types of video files, they all fall into general categories of creation method. The following article will give an overview of possible methods videos may be created, and the workflow those files will need to follow to be... Read More
Kaltura: CaptureSpace for Students
Viewed 1628 times since Wed, May 17, 2017
Please Note: The lecture capture software CaptureSpace as been replaced by Kaltura’s new and improved software-- Capture. All previous recordings made in CaptureSpace will work as expected but the software is no longer available. For more... Read More
Expected Media Content not Appearing
Viewed 1544 times since Thu, Aug 27, 2015
There may be instances where Kaltura media may not display in the browser as expected. Typically a blank spot where the media should appear indicates it did not load correctly. This can occur if the browser detects that the content is being delivered... Read More
Final Cut: Export video using Final Cut and Compressor
Viewed 1449 times since Tue, Nov 3, 2015
This video will show you two ways of exporting videos from Final Cut Pro X. Read More
Why Caption?
Viewed 1411 times since Tue, Nov 29, 2016
Accessibility:  Providing access to course materials is essential. It is also a legal requirement. DSS has the responsibility to help ensure access and provide accommodations for students with disabilities. As we incorporate best practices into... Read More
Kaltura: Downloading Content From Media Gallery
Viewed 1383 times since Wed, Jun 1, 2016
On very rare occasions you may want to download a recording rather than just stream the content or 'move' it to a new course. Downloading files from your My Media or Media Gallery is turned off by default and must be enabled for the process... Read More
Kaltura: Interactive Video Quizzes
Viewed 1356 times since Tue, Jun 7, 2016
It is possible to create an interactive video using Kaltura. You can create quiz questions and present them to your viewers at specific points in the video. Users can receive feedback about their answers and even earn a grade. A video quiz can be... Read More
Rich Media: Assessment
Viewed 1339 times since Thu, May 21, 2015
Approach Assessing a rich media project can be a daunting task for anyone the first time. Media and Collaboration recommends adopting and sharing a grading rubric with your students prior to assigning the project. Typically a rubric would be divided... Read More
Virtual Reality: VR at the PML!
Viewed 1331 times since Tue, Sep 13, 2016
VR is here! Check out how the Parker Media Lab at UNH is using the Vive to enhance education. Visit us in Dimond 237 to try the Vive for yourself! Are you interested in having the PML visit your dorm, classroom, or other event? Send us an email at... Read More
Rich Media: Green Screen Tutorial
Viewed 1282 times since Thu, Mar 10, 2016
The following video will show you how to set up and use a green screen. For more information contact the Parker Media Lab at (603)-862-1747.   If you're using the portable green screen from the Parker Media Lab, check out this video... Read More
Rich Media: Overview
Viewed 1273 times since Thu, May 28, 2015
Media & Collaboration Services offers expertise, consultation, equipment, and guides for faculty and students to make your use of media a success no matter your intended outcome. We're always happy to discuss the pedagogy behind your... Read More
Parker Media Lab: FAQs
Viewed 1209 times since Mon, Aug 1, 2016
Frequently Asked Questions in the Parker Media Lab: How do I make a reservation?  Students and faculty are able to reserve rental equipment and schedule time on our editing stations. These reservations can only be made by students/faculty currently... Read More
How To: Lighting - Foundations
Viewed 1075 times since Fri, Apr 10, 2015
LowelEDU Offers a series of interactive tutorials to help you better understand key principles of lighting. In "Foundations of Lighting Placement" you'll better understand how placement of lighting will impact your subject. "One of the first... Read More
Parker Media Lab: Converting VHS and DVD to digital files
Viewed 1068 times since Thu, Sep 10, 2015
Parker Media Lab staff can assist you in the conversion of VHS or DVD to a digital video file. You must be present for this process; we do not offer it as a drop-off service. Copyright law prohibits us from copying complete films or documentaries... Read More
Rich Media: How to Set Up and Record an Interview
Viewed 1041 times since Thu, Mar 24, 2016
This video explains the basics of recording an interview. The Parker Media Lab offers technical advice and recording equipment rentals. Please call (603) 862-1747 or visit Dimond 237.   Read More
Kaltura: Service Health
Viewed 1009 times since Mon, Apr 27, 2015
UNH uses an external product called Kaltura to provide a streaming video platform within the LMS. If there is a problem with using the tool, it can be helpful to know if the service is currently available from our provider. To do so, you can follow... Read More
Rich Media: Video Equipment Setup Guide
Viewed 977 times since Tue, Mar 8, 2016
This video will show you how to set up a basic video camera and tripod. This equipment can be borrowed from the Parker Media Lab. Please see for more information. Read More
Kaltura: Uploading IOS Video Files
Viewed 962 times since Mon, Jun 19, 2017
Kaltura's Capture is the easiest way within MyCourses to capture video, audio, and or content on a computer and post the recording for others to view. Sometimes a mobile device must be used to make the video recording and this article is about... Read More
How To: Lighting - Interviews
Viewed 959 times since Fri, Apr 10, 2015
LowelEDU provides a series to help you learn how to better light your subject. These interactive tools allow you to change the lighting setups to better understand terms and placement. In Components of Interview Lighting you'll develop the... Read More
Rich Media: Convert a DVD to a digital video file
Viewed 944 times since Fri, Jan 20, 2017
You can use the software "HandBrake" to convert a DVD to a video file. You can even add multiple language tracks and subtitles from the disc. Please keep copyright laws in mind when ripping DVD's.     Read More
Kaltura: Requesting Captions
Viewed 918 times since Thu, Mar 15, 2018
Kaltura users are able to request mechanical captioning for their uploaded media. There are multiple reasons one would request captions, including: The media has been edited and the original captions no longer match the media content. Media is in a... Read More
Viewed 881 times since Wed, Mar 22, 2017
Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.   You don't need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when... Read More
Kaltura: CaptureSpace Quick Start Training
Viewed 838 times since Thu, May 17, 2018
Please Note: The lecture capture software CaptureSpace as been replaced by Kaltura’s new and improved software-- Capture. All previous recordings made in CaptureSpace will work as expected but the software is no longer available. For more... Read More
Rich Media: How to Properly Record a Voiceover
Viewed 832 times since Mon, Mar 28, 2016
This video demonstrates how to properly record a voiceover.  Students, faculty, and staff can visit the Parker Media Lab to use our recording equipment and receive help from support staff. Visit Dimond 237 or call 603-862-1747.  Read More
Rich Media: Create screen recording using Quicktime
Viewed 809 times since Thu, Apr 6, 2017
Do you need to record your computer screen? If your recording will end up in Canvas or on MediaSpace, you should use Kaltura's Capture. Otherwise you can create a screen recording on a Mac by using Quicktime. Watch the video below for more... Read More
Parker Media Lab: 360 Degree Camera Overview
Viewed 796 times since Thu, Oct 12, 2017
The Ricoh Theta SC is a camera that can record photos and videos in 360 degrees. It's available to borrow at the Parker Media Lab (Dimond 237). The video below shows an example of what can be made using this camera. Play the video, then try... Read More
How to set up a YouTube Account
Viewed 730 times since Thu, Jul 14, 2016
You can use YouTube to upload and share video files. However, you will first need to create a free Google account. Please see the following documentation for more information:  How to Create a Google/ YouTube account. How to Upload videos on... Read More
Parker Media Lab: Lights
Viewed 453 times since Wed, Mar 28, 2018
Using lights can drastically improve the quality of your photos and videos. Lights can be borrowed for free from the Parker Media Lab in Dimond Library 237.   The following video shows a simple demonstration of how to use them to light up a subject... Read More
Kaltura: Cannot Access Because Cookies are Blocked
Viewed 437 times since Wed, Dec 19, 2018
Problem When trying to access Kaltura using Safari on myCourses or MediaSpace, an error is displayed: "It seems your browser is blocking 3rd party session cookies which are required for the Kaltura application." Solution Safari has a privacy setting... Read More
myCourses- "Winterizing" your course
Viewed 427 times since Tue, Feb 20, 2018
This article will demonstrate how to make delivering course content effective and efficient using Academic Technology tools Kaltura CaptureSpace and myCourses. "Winterizing" your course Using CaptureSpace and myCourses you can deliver course content... Read More
Kaltura: Deleting Content
Viewed 409 times since Wed, Apr 27, 2016
Quick Steps: On myCourses, access My Media. Locate the media you wish to delete. Click the Delete button that corresponds with your media.   Read More
Parker Media Lab: Camera Mounts
Viewed 354 times since Wed, Apr 4, 2018
At the Parker Media Lab (Dimond 237),  you can borrow a variety of mounts for your camera, including tripods, shoulder mounts, and skate dollies. For more information, contact the Parker Media Lab at 603-862-1747. Read More
Rich Media: List of local media transfer services
Viewed 354 times since Thu, Jul 5, 2018
Several businesses in the local area provide media transfer services. You can have your analog media (VHS, audio cassette, etc.) converted into a digital format for a fee. EverPresent (several locations) Goodheart Media Services (Raymond, NH) Beacon... Read More
Tegrity Has Been Replaced
Viewed 168 times since Wed, Feb 6, 2019
In the Fall of 2018, Tegrity was replaced by Kaltura Capture (personal capture) and Kaltura Classroom (classroom capture) as our lecture capture tools. Please see the Kaltura Capture overview and the Kaltura Classroom overview for more... Read More
Zoom: Scheduling for Office Administrators
Viewed 111 times since Tue, Apr 2, 2019
Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows for real-time video and audio communication in events such as meetings, lectures, webinars, and training sessions. Please follow this link for an an overview of Zoom at UNH. This article is for campus... Read More