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iOS Device Projection/Audio Troubleshooting (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
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Connect the iOS device to appropriate adapter and supplied HDMI or VGA Cable Select the source on the touchpanel (HDMI, VGA or Laptop). The display should automatically sync and project the image. Note: iPad 2 or 3 mirrors by default, displaying... Read More
Macintosh Laptop Troubleshooting
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Mac Laptop Video Troubleshooting: Mirroring displays and adjusting display resolution Second display (monitor or projector) not recognized by laptop? Push Command+F2 to Detect Displays Second display (monitor or projector) showing background image... Read More
Classroom Audiovisual Assistive Listening Systems/Devices
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UNH Audiovisual Services provides Assistive Listening Systems/Devices in large classrooms where audio reinforcement may be necessary for audience members who are hard of hearing. What are ALSs? Assistive Listening Systems (ALSs) are sometimes called... Read More
Microphone Information
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Using a classroom microphone: Using installed rechargeable microphones: The following rooms have installed rechargeable microphones: Cole 219, DeMeritt 112, Hamilton Smith G34, Horton 4, Horton 210, McConnell 240, Murkland 115, Parsons N108, PCAC... Read More
Audiovisual Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Audiovisual Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) The links below will direct you to the appropriate knowledge base article or external page Need immediate classroom AV assistance?: Audiovisual Customer Service Hotline Information and... Read More
"Frequency Out of Range" Error
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This error occurs when your laptop's screen resolution is not set to the appropriate resolution for the projector. In general, you should set your external display (projector) to the highest resolution your laptop is capable of. See our detailed... Read More
Projector Automatic Shut Down
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On rare occasions, the projector may shut down during use. The most likely cause is that the system is designed and programmed to automatically shut itself off after four hours of inactivity. Auto shutdown typically occurs when a user arrives at a... Read More
Projecting from a Laptop Computer
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Depending on the classroom, you will connect your device with HDMI OR VGA cable. If the device you are using does not have native HDMI or VGA output, you will need an adapter. AV Services does not provide these adapters to clients. Power on your... Read More
Audiovisual Service Agreement
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What is covered in this agreement: Audiovisual Services will provide services listed below during normal operating hours.  These are M-F 8am-9pm and Friday 8am-5pm (Summer Hours 8am-5pm) General preventative maintenance and equipment testing – on... Read More
Windows Laptop Troubleshooting
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Windows Laptop Video Troubleshooting:  Duplicate displays and adjusting display resolution Enabling Duplicate Display  setting will mirror your laptop screen contents onto the connected projector or second monitor. Windows 7, 8, and 10: Press and... Read More
iClicker Information and Training
Viewed 1734 times since Tue, Feb 17, 2015
How to get started with iClicker:   The iClicker Student Response System is the supported classroom response system at UNH. Training for this system is conducted by Academic Technology.  Click here to access the training calendar for current... Read More
AV Customer Service Hotline
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Call: 603-862-2467 (or dial 2-2467 from any campus phone) Audiovisual Service Hotline is available for real-time assistance with any and all classroom concerns or questions.  The hotline staff will ask for your UNH username and a... Read More
Audiovisual Services Hands-On Classroom Usage
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Scheduling Hands-On Classrooms  are scheduled through one of the following: Call Academic Technology at 2-7039 Fill out an  online request form Email In addition to the requested dates and times, be sure to include... Read More
AV Technology Enhanced Classrooms Fee
Viewed 1640 times since Thu, Feb 19, 2015
The following policies will be in effect beginning January 1, 2017 for all Supertech (TEC+), TEC, and LaRC, and Hands-On Classrooms (Hewitt 301, Kingsbury N134, MUB DL) controlled by the UNH Academic Technology and/ or UNH Registrar’s Office. ... Read More
Technology Enhanced Classroom Training
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Because of ongoing upgrades and improvements to technology, we require that all users of Technology Enhanced Classrooms receive training every year. To access AV Services training: Go to Technology Enhanced Classrooms and Training Locate the... Read More
Connecting a Mac Using HDMI
Viewed 1486 times since Tue, Feb 17, 2015
If using a display adapter, connect the adapter to the HDMI cable, then connect the adapter to your laptop. Ensure the HDMI source is selected on the touch panel. View Macintosh Laptop Troubleshooting here To use the HDMI cable for sending audio, it... Read More
Adjusting Audio Levels
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Playing a VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray video: Verify that the "Audio Mute" button on the system touch panel is not on. When this button is selected, the audio will not work. Increase the system volume by using the volume up/down buttons on the touch panel at... Read More
Projecting Music/Videos from an iPod
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The data/video projectors our classrooms can display audio and video from iPods. To play your iPod, you will need to have an iPod VGA or HDMI adapter to connect your iPod: Connect the adapter to the iPod's charging/data port. Connect the other... Read More
Playing CDs in the Classroom
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To play an audio CD in a classroom: Using your laptop: Insert the CD into your laptop disc drive. Connect the HDMI or VGA audio cable (Headphone jack) to your laptop. Press the Laptop, HDMI, or VGA source button on the touch panel of the... Read More
AV Delivery Equipment
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This article has been archived. Please Click Here for AV Equipment and Delivery information. Read More
Playing DVDs from a Laptop
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Videos on DVDs can be played in our classrooms using your laptop DVD drive. In some cases, the video may show up on the laptop's screen but not on the room projection screen. This is because many laptop computers are not capable of displaying... Read More
Scheduling In-Classroom AV Training
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UNH Audiovisual Services offers orientation sessions to any classroom users who are interested in learning more about the equipment and its capabilities. To set up a meeting, please contact our Instructional Technology Coordinator, Chris Way, at 603... Read More
Transparency Projectors Troubleshooting
Viewed 1239 times since Fri, Feb 20, 2015
If transparency projector won’t turn on: Ensure Projector cart is plugged into wall outlet, and projector is plugged into projector cart. Push the lamp-selector switch so is secured at either main or reserve lamp setting (the switch can get... Read More
Logging into a SuperTEC Classroom Computer
Viewed 1222 times since Wed, Aug 19, 2015
How to log onto computers in SuperTEC Classrooms All installed Mac and Windows computers in AV SuperTEC classrooms require you to log in with a UNH username and password. Faculty, staff and students with UNH credentials may log in by entering their... Read More
Instructor Laptop Rental Information
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Instructor Laptop Rental Information Laptops are available for short-term (4 hour) rental by course instructors from the Academic Technology Service Center on the third floor of Dimond Library. To reserve a laptop for pickup, fill out our online... Read More