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How do I Update my Macintosh computer after changing my AD Password
Viewed 2293 times since Tue, Aug 18, 2015
It is important to update all of your computers and devices after you have changed your UNH AD password. Although there are some applications that will prompt you for your new password, there are occasions when you are not prompted and, without even... Read More
Software and Hardware Guide: Hardware Requirements
Viewed 2081 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2015
Hardware Requirements at UNH   Where should I buy my computer? UNH students are encouraged to take advantage of purchasing through the UNH Computer Store to take advantage of the many benefits. Visit for additional... Read More
Software and Hardware Guide: Software Requirements at UNH
Viewed 1345 times since Mon, Jun 1, 2015
Software Requirements The Software Requirements list is monitored and updated as needed.  This allows departments to plan fiscal year budgets based on the published recommendations.  We are positioned to provide information and address your... Read More
TeamDynamix: Need Help?
Viewed 1319 times since Tue, Mar 8, 2016
TeamDynamix: Need Help? Self-Service 603-862-4242 Submit a Question Read More
UNH Exam Scanning Service
Viewed 764 times since Fri, Dec 16, 2016
The Exam Scanning service includes new functionality and is being accomplished entirely in house; everything from the printing of materials to the actual scanning occurs at UNH. All results from the exams can be posted quickly and securely to Canvas,... Read More
What Are Intellectual Assets?
Viewed 756 times since Tue, Mar 31, 2015
What Are Intellectual Assets? If you have specific questions regarding anything covered in this presentation, please contact USNH Counsel . Read More
How to Change Your Default Browser in Windows 10
Viewed 717 times since Tue, Jul 26, 2016
Edge is the Windows 10 default browser. It will not work with any UNH Enterprise Applications. Follow these steps to change your default browser: 1.       Click on the Start Menu.2.       Click on Settings in the Start Menu.3.      ... Read More
Telecom Liaisons - TAMs and BSC Contacts
Viewed 460 times since Wed, Aug 5, 2015
To request phone or network changes, be sure to work with your department Telecom Account Manager (TAM) Telecom Account Managers (TAM) and BSC Contact information           Read More
Academic Technology Services Center (ATSC) - Services Overview
Viewed 338 times since Fri, Dec 16, 2016
The ATSC offers walk-in support for various IT problems, as well as exam scanning services for faculty.Location: Main Floor Dimond Library Room 341Hours: See the ATSC Webpage located at the following URL- Read More
Creating Tasks for a Collaborator in Box
Viewed 327 times since Wed, Apr 26, 2017
Creating Tasks for a Collaborator   Here’s another way you can use Box to tame the email beast and get your inbox under control: assigning tasks. Example: Instead of shooting your coworker an email asking for quick feedback on a file, consider... Read More
User Email Notifications in Box
Viewed 316 times since Wed, Apr 26, 2017
User Email Notifications To keep you apprised of current events in your account, Box has built an email notification system that lets you know when your collaborators access or edit your files. It’s up to you what actions you’ll be... Read More
How do I clear my web browser’s cache, cookies, and history?
Viewed 224 times since Thu, Jul 6, 2017
Note: Clearing your web browser's cache, cookies, and history may remove some data that you wish to keep. Desktop Browsers: Firefox: Click on the Menu button (looks like three horizontal lines above each other). Click on Options. Click on... Read More
How to Determine if Your Windows Device is Automatically Updating
Viewed 160 times since Thu, Nov 2, 2017
The following instructions can be used to determine if a Windows computer is being automatically updated.  For Windows 7 PC’s: Click ‘Start’ in the lower-left corner of your screen   2. Type Windows Update  in the  text... Read More
Outlook Troubleshooting Steps
Viewed 1 times since Wed, Jul 22, 2015
STEPS TO TROUBLESHOOT POSSIBLE PROBLEMS IN OUTLOOK If you are experiencing problems with Outlook, the following steps will help to identify/fix many frequent issues. Does Outlook Web Access (OWA) Work?Go to and see if you can... Read More