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Digital Signage - UNH TV
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There are over 20 locations on the UNH Durham campus where UNH TV signs are mounted.  These displays have two regions, called playlists, where users can upload content. The left side is the main panel or “landscape playlist” and the side panel... Read More
UNH Digital Signs: 6 Easy Digital Design Tips for Non-Designers
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Here are six tips for getting the most out of your digital sign!  1. Contrast & Legibility Your message can get lost if the viewer can’t easily separate the elements of your design. Contrast in the primary factor for legibility (especially... Read More
UNH TV : How To create a basic sign using PowerPoint
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The following video is a 7 minute tutorial that briefly covers the following topics: How many UNH TVs are in Durham? In UNH Manchester? What regions of the screen can I upload to? What are the other regions on the UNH TVs? How do I create a very... Read More
UNH TV (Carousel) - Login & Navigation
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Summary: This article will cover the process of logging into the application as well as basic navigation to your local screen zones.   NOTE: Carousel content is for local content only, If you're looking to broadcast University wide, users... Read More
UNH TV (Carousel) - Creating a New Bulletin from an Upload
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Summary: This article will focus on creating a new bulletin from uploading content with Carousel for your locally controlled digital sign zones. For uploading content to the campus-wide UNH TV network, visit unh.edu/unhtv Content: 1.  From the Zone... Read More
UNH TV Local Control User List
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Many of the UNH TV Digital Signs on the UNH Durham campus have a (landscape or portrait) region of the screen which is controlled by a local department.  These Local Control owners may allow you to post your message in their local zone! The process... Read More
UNH TV (Carousel) - Editing Existing Bulletins
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Summary: This article will cover the process of editing or updating existing bulletins currently in the Carousel System for your locally controlled zones Content: 1.  From the Zone selection area at the top of the screen in orange choose which Zone... Read More
Estimating Costs for a Digital Sign (as of January 2019)
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    Installing a digital sign in a UNH location to provide the latest information on events, schedules, awards, staff appreciation, social media campaigns or public service announcements can be a great addition to a public space. There are a few... Read More