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Why is someone receiving calls from my phone number, when I know I didn’t make the call?
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It could be Caller ID "spoofing" which, occurs when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to Caller ID displays to disguise their identity. Spoofing is often used as part of an attempt to trick someone into giving away valuable... Read More
FairPoint Phone Books Online
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Beginning Fall 2015, the FairPoint phone books are available online as well as in print.   Steps to view phone books online: Go to (if a box comes up about a script running, just click “no”) Click the button “find your directory... Read More
Making Off-Campus Phone Calls
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In-State Calls (New Hampshire) Dial '9' then the seven-digit telephone number for all New Hampshire calls. Dialing a pound sign (#) after the number will reduce connect times by up to 8 seconds in most instances, even for some local calls... Read More
Setting Up Call Forwarding
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To forward all calls to any on-campus extension:  dial *2 + the five-digit extension number to which you are forwarding your calls. You will hear the three-burst confirmation tone To forward all calls to a local off-campus number: dial  *2... Read More
How do I find my phone Long Distance Authorization Code?
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Trying to make a long distance call and hearing 3 beeps after dialing the phone number, but call will not connect? You need to enter in your Long Distance Authorization Code, after hearing the 3 beeps. Not sure what your Long Distance Authorization... Read More
Handling Phishing Phone Calls and Voicemail
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What is phishing? Any form of communication that you do not initiate can be considered phishing. To handle these types of communications, there are different steps you can take to screen, prevent, and, if needed, report them. While UNH has no way of... Read More
Sending All Phone Calls to Voicemail
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The 'Send All Calls'; feature will immediately direct all calls to your voice mail. Your phone will not ring Single-line phones: Dial *3 to activate. You will hear the three burst confirmation tone. To cancel, dial #3 Having problems... Read More
Making On-Campus Phone Calls
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To call from a campus phone to another campus phone, dial the last five digits of the telephone number: Faculty/Staff or Office phone numbers dial 2-XXXX NOTE: All phone numbers in the (603) 862 exchange are on-campus Having problems making a phone... Read More
Phone Not Working - Does Not Ring
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Check that the handset is cradled properly Make sure all the phone wires are plugged in securely Call the phone from another phone. Can you hear it ring through the receiver? The problem may be in your phone. Try plugging a different phone into the... Read More
Phone Not Working - No Dial Tone
Viewed 1280 times since Tue, Aug 4, 2015
Check to make sure the handset is cradled properly Check the wires from the handset to the phone and from the phone to the wall jack - be sure they are plugged in securely Call the phone from another location. Does it ring? Can it be answered? Still... Read More