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Directed Communication System (DCS)
Viewed 959 times since Thu, Mar 12, 2015
Directed Communication System (DCS) Overview Welcome  to the information page for the UNH Directed Communication System (DCS). DCS is a "mass mail" system available to UNH users to communicate with their constituents or stakeholders. DCS is... Read More
Digital Signage - UNH TV
Viewed 830 times since Thu, Jun 18, 2015
There are over 20 locations on the UNH Durham campus where UNH TV signs are mounted.  These displays have two regions, called playlists, where users can upload content. The left side is the main panel or “landscape playlist” and the side panel... Read More
DCS - Email Assistance
Viewed 778 times since Thu, Mar 12, 2015
Directed Communication System (DCS) Email - Getting Access The information below provides instructions for getting access to the Directed Email Communication System.  The new URL for DC is dc/ or you can go to and search for the... Read More
DCS Email Quick Tips
Viewed 742 times since Thu, Mar 12, 2015
The following documents are QuickTips on creating a directed communication message, assigning and filtering the distribution list for that message, and submitting the message for approval and distribution.   Directed Communication List Locating... Read More
DCS Standards
Viewed 397 times since Thu, Mar 12, 2015
Standards The Directed Communication System is governed by the following standards: Only UNH faculty and staff may have access to the Directed Communication System. Access to the Directed Communication System requires the approval of the requestor's... Read More
DCS - Undeliverable emails
Viewed 371 times since Fri, Jul 15, 2016
Directed Communication System (DCS) -Undeliverable Emails  Issue When sending directed communication messages the email address listed as the 'sender' or 'reply to' individual listed on the communication will receive  all... Read More
DCS - Directed Communication System Login
Viewed 200 times since Mon, Aug 7, 2017
Directed Communication System (DCS) Login and new URL Directed communications now has it's own URL.  You can access it by going directly to the URL listed below or go to the new portal and search for the directed communication task.... Read More
UNH Digital Signs: 6 Easy Digital Design Tips for Non-Designers
Viewed 110 times since Wed, Jul 12, 2017
Here are six tips for getting the most out of your digital sign!  1. Contrast & Legibility Your message can get lost if the viewer can’t easily separate the elements of your design. Contrast in the primary factor for legibility (especially... Read More
UNH TV : How To create a basic sign using PowerPoint
Viewed 76 times since Thu, Sep 7, 2017
The following video is a 7 minute tutorial that briefly covers the following topics: How many UNH TVs are in Durham? In UNH Manchester? What regions of the screen can I upload to? What are the other regions on the UNH TVs? How do I create a very... Read More