Zoom: Troubleshooting Tips

Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows for real-time video and audio communication in events such as meetings, lectures, webinars, and training sessions. Please follow this link for an an overview of Zoom at UNH.     Anyone having troubles with Zoom should know:      

Troubleshooting a Zoom meeting usually falls into one of three categories: Audio, Permissions, and Network Connections:

Audio Issues

  • The most common problem in any kind of web meeting has to do with the microphone and speaker settings. Watching this 49 second video can solve most audio issues you are having or at least point quickly to what may be wrong (such as needing to power up speakers.)
  • How do I access my audio settings? Here is a quick video tutorial about Zoom audio settings
  • How do I fix echo issues? Echo can happen if the microphone and speakers are too close or multiple participants are in the same room

Permission Problems

It is important to understand that meeting 'hosts' and meeting 'participants' will see different tools and different tool permissions

Network Issues

It is highly recommended to use a 'wired' network connection to the internet for all web conferencing events- especially for meeting hosts!

  • What can I do if I have to use a wireless network? Zoom has put together a nice checklist for wireless meetings
  • Are there best practices for preparing my computer for a web conference? Yes- try closing every browser and all programs not needed for the event (especially e-mail programs that may be 'slowing' your connection to the internet.)
  • Why can't I connect to Zoom? There is a very slim chance that Zoom is having network issues

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