Zoom: An Overview of UNH Web Conferencing Software

UNH has a campus-wide license for Zoom, an easy-to-use web conferencing and web classroom platform that allows for real-time video and audio communication in events such as live class sessions, project meetings, job interviews, guest presentations, office hours, thesis committees, training sessions, and more. You can use Zoom to:

  • Talk - conference with up to 100 people by computer or telephone
  • See - high-quality, two-way video from all attendees
  • Share - anything on your computer can be shared with the whole meeting

The combination of Zoom's powerful feature set, the integration of Zoom into myCourses, and its ease of use makes for a compelling case to use this product over other collaboration software on the market. Zoom supports a range of platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Blackberry.  Anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone and an Internet connection, anywhere in the world, can be invited into your Zoom meeting.  Below you will find a screen shot of a typical Zoom session and at the bottom of this page you will find some Zoom FAQ's and troubleshooting tips. 

               Click here to go directly to the UNH Zoom Home Page

Users of other paid web conferencing products like GoToMeeting or WebEx are encouraged to switch to Zoom to save money. There are no direct costs to departments or individual users of Zoom. Departments using some features like toll-free call in numbers do need to pay for the charges they incur.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Troubleshooting Tips:

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