Xtender: Copy or move pages from one document to another

This tip is for users of Xtender Web Access who have the ability to work with batches in Xtender.  

In Xtender, it is possible to either move or copy pages from one document to another. When you copy or move pages from a document, those pages are stored in a new batch in whichever application you select.

Note: You must have privileges to create batches in the target application. If you are moving pages from one document to another, you must also have privileges to delete pages. (If you are copying pages out of a document, you do not need to have the ability to delete pages.)

Copying pages from one document to another is a multi-part process:

  • copy the pages from the source document (this creates a batch with the new pages),
  • index the batch, and
  • delete the pages from the original document. (Note: If you move – rather than copy – the pages, you do not need to go back to the original document to delete the pages.)

Here's how to move or copy pages:

  1. In Xtender, open the document.
  2. Follow the menu path: Document >> Copy or Move Pages.
  3. In the Document Page List to Move or Copy to New Batch field, select the pages to copy or move.
  4. In the Target Application drop-down, select the application the batch should be created in.
  5. In the Target Batch Name field, name the batch or accept the default. Note: The batch name is temporary; it will not be seen in Xtender once the document has been indexed.
  6. Click the Move or Copy button.
  7. Close the document you just copied/moved from.
  8. Return to the Application List.
  9. Right-click on the application, and select Batch Index (List)… from the menu.
  10. Select the batch you just created and index it.
  11. If you did not move the pages in step 6, someone with privileges to delete pages should delete those pages from the original document.

For more tips on using Xtender, visit http://www.usnhgateway.org/ >> Documentation >> Xtender.

If you have questions, please complete an online Document Management technical support form at https://itsupport.unh.edu/docmanagement/ or call the IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242.

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