Why Can’t I Forward Emails to Phishing.Report@unh.edu?

ISS recently changed some internal settings that internally altered the way e-mails were sent to phishing.report@unh.edu. The email address is still active and we encourage users to continue to submit their reports. If you are having issues sending emails to the phishing report address, please follow these instructions to fix the problem:

  1. In Outlook, open a new email as you normally would
  2. In the To… field, start to type in phishing.report@unh.edu. The email address should show up underneath, which allows for the field to be automatically filled (see picture in step 3)
  3. Click the X button to delete the saved email address and continue manually typing phishing.report@unh.edu

4. Your email will now send to the correct address and will be remembered in the future. Deleting the saved email will not affect your ability to auto-fill or send emails to phishing.report@unh.edu

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  • Author: UNH Information Security Services
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