What to do when your mailbox is full

Mailbox Quotas For UNH Employees

UNH Employee Exchange mailboxes have a maximum quota (size) of 2.1 Gb. You will receive a warning at 1.9 Gb that you are reaching the quota. Once the quota is reached, Outlook will stop letting you receive or send new mail. It is best to manage your mailbox size before you reach this quota to ensure that your mail can operate properly.


Reducing Mailbox Size

Exchange online archive

Emails can be kept separately from your quota through the Exchange Online Archive service. It is recommended that you use the Exchange Online Archive service when managing your mailboxes since it highly automated, and securely stores your old emails to the cloud. After online archiving is enabled (see link below for instructions) drag and drop emails you want archived into the “Online Archive” folder that is on the left side of your screen with the rest of your folders.

More information on Exchange Online archive and how to request access to it can be found at https://www.unh.edu/it/kb/article/exchange-online-archiving-eoa.html.

Note: If your mailbox is full and you need to use it before the 24 hours it can take to set up online archiving, it is recommended that you delete emails which you don’t wish to save.

Clearing mail with attachments

Most emails won’t take up much space in your mailbox unless they contain attachments such as images or other files.

To find emails which contain an attachment, go to the “search” bar at the top of Outlook.

Click in to “search All Mail Items” and type “hasattachments:yes” without the quotation marks and hit enter, this should find all the emails within your mailboxes that have a file attached to them.

Getting rid of attachments is done by deleting or archiving the email.

Deleting duplicate mail

Outlook has a system which will automatically clear duplicate emails from your inbox. To do this simply right click the mailbox you want to clean up and select “Clean up folder”

Empty the Deleted Items folder

Even after an email has been deleted, it can stay in your mailbox in the Deleted Items folder. To clear these, right click the Deleted Items folder and select the “Empty folder” option. An alternative if you wish to keep the emails in the “Deleted Items” folder is to send them to the Online Archive instead.  

Note: There is a chance that emptying the folder will make the deleted mail unrecoverable, make sure that items in the folder are ones you wish to be permanently deleted.

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