What to do if..."Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups"

If you emailed a person and got a message back stating that "Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups", then most likely that person's email domain they were associated with has changed or been discontinued.

Below are possible reasons and solutions:

 - Verify that you have typed the persons email in correctly and the bounce back is not due to a typo in the address.

- Below is a list of domains that are no longer in service at UNH and will cause the email to bounce back. Verify that the email address does not contain one of these domains. Example of a bad email address: ("UNH.Person@bamboo.unh.edu")... "bamboo" could be replaced by any of the items listed below and would produce a bounced back email.

  •    antrim
  •    bamboo
  •    gauss
  •    granite
  •    gravity
  •    hickory
  •    hilbert
  •    kng500
  •    kng501
  •    kng502
  •    kng503
  •    kng504
  •    kng505
  •    kng506
  •    kng507
  •    kng508
  •    kng509
  •    kng510
  •    lisbon
  •    pubpages
  •    webmail
  •    webster
  •    wilmot
  •    zeno

- If the persons email domain is listed above and you are unable to contact the person directly to confirm their address, you can try looking them up in the faculty/staff directory. 




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