What is the difference between a Sponsored Account, a Secondary Account, and a Pool Account?

What is the Difference Between a Sponsored Account, a Secondary Account, and a Pool Account?

There are three types of specialty accounts used at UNH – Sponsored User Accounts, Secondary Accounts, and Pool Accounts.  These specialty accounts provide specific access to University resources in order to meet defined business needs that cannot be met with standard student or employee accounts.

Sponsored User Accounts are used by individuals who are not affiliated with UNH but that need access to UNH resources like volunteers, visiting students, and contractors.  Sponsored accounts are the method by which early access is granted to incoming faculty and staff.  For more information, see Sponsored Account FAQ .

Pool Accounts provide a college or department with a username that can be re-assigned to different individuals as needed, but only one individual uses the account at a time.  The individual maintains the password for the account while the account is assigned to them.  These accounts are often used for work study students. For more information see Pool Account FAQ .

Secondary Accounts are maintained by an owner and can be used my multiple people over the course of a single day.  The account owner is required to keep a log of who was using the account at what time for audit purposes.  These accounts are also often used for work study students. For more information, see Secondary Account FAQ .

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