Using the Dimond Library Print Stations

The Printing and Scanning Center on the 3rd floor of Dimond Library offers printing services for students. Documents can be printed from a personal computer, or from any computer in the library. Printers and print stations can be found on the main (3rd), 1st, and 2nd floors of the library.

  • To print a document from your personal computer, it is recommended that you upload your files and send to the printer from (more information about the Web Print Service can be found at the following link-
  • Alternatively, a personal computer (with Windows or macOS) can be configured to print, with the printer added as an option in your computer's print dialogue. For more information about configuring printers, go to the following link- or the ATSC on the main (3rd) floor of Dimond Library.
  • Cluster, Reference, and VDI (Virtual Desktop) computers can all print directly to the cluster printers.

Please note: By default, all documents print out in black & white, double-sided.

Printing your document after sending it to the printers (either by submitting it through or printing it directly from a personal or library computer):

  • Go to any of the print stations throughout the library (print stations are on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors).
  • Find your document on-screen and select it, either by double-clicking or clicking it and then clicking "Print."
  • Once the document is selected, pay for your print job either by swiping your ID card at the print station or by entering your 9-digit student ID immediately followed by the issue number ("01" if it is your first ID, "02" if it is your second, and so on—entering, for example, 9xxxxxxxx01 if it is your first ID).
    • Cost:
      • Black & white - $0.10 per page ($0.15 for double-sided)
      • Color: $0.50 per page ($0.75 for double-sided)

After following these steps, your document should print out of the printer closest to the print station you used.

Go to the ATSC (Academic Technology Support Center) on the main (3rd) floor of Dimond Library if you have any questions or issues with printing.

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