Using an Encumbrance Number for Computer Repair Services

UNH IT offers a variety of Computer Repair Services.  UNH Departments may use encumbrance numbers to pay for computer repairs by following these steps:

  1. Request an encumbrance from your Business Service Center (BSC), or check with your BSC to assure your blanket encumbrance is valid.
  2. Make sure your BSC has entered the encumbrance, as there is extra work to chase it down if not entered ahead of time.
  3. Make sure encumbrance number is clearly written, if not printed, to assure we have the correct number, to avoid more chasing down on the other end.
  4. Be sure the funding is available for the repair, as there is not always funding available. Managers should be monitoring spending anyway.

For any questions regarding encumbrance numbers, contact your Business Service Center (BSC).

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  • Author: Katie Ellis
  • Department: Computer Repair Services
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