User Email Notifications in Box

User Email Notifications

To keep you apprised of current events in your account, Box has built an email notification system that lets you know when your collaborators access or edit your files. It’s up to you what actions you’ll be notified about, so here’s how to make your choices:


  1. Click your initials or profile image in the top right corner of your account and select Account Settings from the drop down menu.
  2. Next, select the Sharing tab and scroll down to the Email Notifications section. From here, you can adjust the default email notification settings for your account. Once you’re finished, click Save Changes in the upper right corner.




email notification screenshot


Set different notifications on specific folders:

  • Highlight the folder you wish to receive different notifications on
  • Select the 3 dots (...)
  • Choose settings from the drop down menu

Menu Drop Down for Box - Settings to change notifications

  • In the settings tab scroll to Email and Notifications
    • Select Override default setting for this folder and all subfolders
    • Under Notify me when someone
      • check off appropriate boxes

Email notifications settings


Custom Fields
  • Application: Box@UNH
  • Department: Enterprise Collaboration & Messaging
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