UNH VPN Client Update Notice: 6/11/19

On Tuesday, June 11th, the UNH VPN will deploy a new version of the "Pulse Secure" client.   The new client software is a maintenance release and functionality will not change at this time. At login, users will be prompted to download the newer version.

ConfigMan users will not have the client itself pushed, but will have the "Juniper Installer Service" installed to facilitate the "Pulse Secure" client install. The installer service facilitates installation on managed machines.

Users with devices that are not managed by ConfigMan must have Admin rights on your computer to complete the download. If you do not have Admin rights or cannot complete the download, please contact your department IT liaison.

While updates to the VPN itself will be coming in the near future, this is just an update to the client software.   

The new VPN version (9.0r3) is available at  https://networking.unh.edu/vpn    should users or administrators wish to install prior to central deployment.

The following UNH IT Knowledge Base article shows what users can expect to see during this download process:  https://www.unh.edu/it/kb/article/what-do-the-prompts-to-update-my-vpn-client-look-like.html




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  • Author: Cathy Annese
  • Department: Enterprise Technology Services
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