UNH Network Registration

UNH implements network registration via a captive portal environment.  When a new device connects to the UNH network it does so in a limited access state. That means there are very few things it can do, and some of those things are re-routed to registration systems. How that presents on a device will vary by operating system, but in all cases a network browser will need to be opened to reach the registration interface. Some operating systems will do so automatically.

Registration appears somewhat different on wireless connections and wired connections. While they both use the same basic system, wireless registration is integrated with the wireless configuration utility. 

Devices with wired connections will see the following.


Whereas wireless devices will see this.


In either case users will be routed through the information needed to get their device on-line. 

Guest registration is available in either method, although guests do not have access to the UNH-Secure wireless network.

Devices that cannot browse can be registered using the Non-Browser Device Registration tool. 

Registration durations will vary by circumstance, but will generally be no less than a year for a community member, and 30 days for a guest.

Information about your registered devices can be found in the NAC Registration portal.

All users of the UNH network tacitly or explicitly agree to the UNH Acceptable Use Policy.

If you experience problems with network registration, please contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603- 862-4242.

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