UNH Exam Scanning Service

The Exam Scanning service includes new functionality and is being accomplished entirely in house; everything from the printing of materials to the actual scanning occurs at UNH. All results from the exams can be posted quickly and securely to Canvas, and is accessible by faculty and teaching assistants with proper credentials. The new service provides faculty with secure, comprehensive, and easy to access statistical analysis.
Output formats include PDF, digital copies of student response sheets, a .CSV file for direct input into Canvas Grade Center, and an Excel file output. Results are retrieved via BOX.

Materials can be picked up at the ATSC in Dimond Library, main floor room 341. All completed exams should be dropped off to the ATSC for scanning.

Exam Scanning Request Form

Every semester, the professor of the class must fill out a request form for each class that they teach, listing all TA's for the class and their emails. These forms can be filled out in person at the ATSC.

After a request form has been processed, a "Exam Scan" folder will appear in your UNH BOX account if you do not have one already. If you are not familiar with BOX, see Get Box @ UNH.

Picking up materials

  • Blank exam sheets can be picked up at the ATSC by the professor or TA of the class
  • If it is the first time materials are picked up that semester, an exam scanning request form must be completed at that time

Dropping off exams

  • Exams can be dropped off at the ATSC before 10pm, Monday through Friday
  • Exams must be dropped off by the professor or TA
  • When dropping off an exam, make sure the following has been completed:
    • Answer sheets have been filled out for EACH VERSION – make sure the corresponding version is filled in, as well as the "instructor use only" bubble
    • Students must fill in all information at the top of the form, but most importantly their student ID number (fill in the bubbles, not just write it in), UNH username, and the version of their exam

Uploading grades into Canvas

  • Once your exam has been graded, you will receive an exam completion email and files will be uploaded into the "Exam Scan" folder shared with you on BOX
  • You can also pick up the physical exams at the ATSC within a month of having it scanned
  • In your BOX folder, you will have a variety of files including: PDF copies of student responses, a .CSV file for direct input into the Canvas grading center, and an excel file output
  • For more information about uploading grades onto canvas please see myCourses Batch Assignment from a CSV file or come to the ATSC

Change requests

Need to change an answer to a question or need something regraded? To fill out a change request form, follow the link provided in your "Exam Scan" folder on BOX or follow the provided link in the exam scan completion email.

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