TeamDynamix: Project Status and Project Health Choices and What they Mean

What do the Project Status and Project Health choices mean?

  • Project Health:

    • Green: Project is on track (project is meeting defined objectives in scope, on schedule, and on budget).
    • Yellow: Project is at risk, but corrective actions have been identified.
    • Red: Project is at risk, no corrective actions yet identified.
    • No Status: This may only be used when the project is not yet in process (see below).
  • Project Status:

    • New (Not Started): for any approved project in the pipeline, but not yet started.
      • At this stage you may be gathering high-level requirements but there is no planning of any significance underway.
      • The project has been approved through the normal request process (if applicable) and is simply being added to the queue.
    • In Process: A project belongs in this status once work begins.
      • Project work includes scheduling, identifying the project team and/or resources, developing KPIs, and naturally any implementation and execution.
      • A project will remain in this status until Completed, Cancelled, or put On Hold.
      • When a project is in process, Project Health should be Red, Yellow, or Green.  
    • On Hold: Use for a project that you want/expect to complete, on which work has paused.
      • There aren't any backend features triggered when a project is placed "On-Hold". It is simply a status and visual indicator that the project is "paused". The project is still active and any resources on the project are still scheduled, meaning the project still impacts resource availability. Resources can still log time/expenses against an on-hold project and still work tasks, issues, etc.
    • Completed or Cancelled: These project status indicators are only available when Closing a project.


If you need further assistance, see TeamDynamix: Need Help?.

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