SPSS Individual License Annual Renewal

One option for installing SPSS under UNH's central license for the product is to use an individual license code instead of connecting to UNH's central license server.  If you use the individual license code you must obtain a new code to renew the license annually.  Licenses expire on July 31 of each year.

License Renewal Process

The license renewal process must be run on each computer where you have SPSS installed using a person code, using a new license code for each computer.  You will not be able to reuse a code, even if it were to reinstall SPSS on the same computer.  UNH has unlimited codes to issue so we will never not be able to issue you one.

To update your computer with a new license code:

  1. Enter your UNH username and password in the form below, and then click the Get Code button.  You will be given a unique, one-time-use activation code.
  2. Launch the SPSS License Authorization Wizard tool:
    • On Windows, use the Start Menu to local this program by typing its name.  Once you find it, right-click on its icon and select Run as Administrator.
    • On macOS, look for the program in the IBM folder inside of your Applications folder or by using Spotlight to search for the program by name.
  3. The wizard should display your current license status.  Click the Next button.
  4. On the Product Authorization screen, be sure that Authorized user license is selected,and then click Next.
  5. Copy/paste the activation code into the Enter code: form, and then click Next.
  6. Continue through the rest of the tool to activate SPSS.
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