Software and Hardware Guide: Software Requirements at UNH

Software Requirements

The Software Requirements list is monitored and updated as needed.  This allows departments to plan fiscal year budgets based on the published recommendations.  We are positioned to provide information and address your inquiries on the following software. Please call the IT Service Desk with questions at 603-862-4242 or submit a question online at .


Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 - Read the full recommendation here
  • Windows 8.1, 8 RT, 8 Pro, and 8 Enterprise * 
  • Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate (Home editions for Students, only)
  • Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, Ultimate (Home editions for Students, only) **
  • Windows XP Pro SP3 **
    (Microsoft will cease providing updates to Windows XP on April 8, 2014. UNH IT suggests migrating existing systems to Windows 7 by the end of FY13. Those who purchased Windows XP at the UNH Computer Store may already have a valid Windows 7 license. Contact the UNH IT Services Desk or the UNH Computer Store for assistance.)
  • Apple El Capitan (10.11.x) - Read the full recommendation here.
  • Apple Yosemite (10.10.x)
  • Apple Mavericks (10.9.x)
  • iOS (Apple's mobile operating system for the iPad, etc.) iOS7 and above

Windows Virtualization

UNH IT does not recommend only one solution/application for running Windows on a Mac but has determined Bootcamp was the best fit for many. We strongly recommend talking to your IT consultant, Academic Technology Liaison, or contacting the IT Service Desk prior to purchasing if you have questions about which solution will work best. For more information, read this Signals article on Windows Virtualization detailing the difference between several applications and compatibilities with UNH central applications. Here is a brief overview of three applications that were tested. We will continue to investigate and report as new applications are brought to our attention.

Note: In order to run Windows with any of these applications, you must also purchase a Windows license.
VMware® Fusion 6 Not sold through the UNH Computer Store. Product must be purchased online. Overall response working within applications or downloading applications from the Web was slow. Not compatible for the application SAS and therefore should not be used by Paul College faculty or students wishing to use their laptop for this application. When downloading large files or applications, use of a hardwire Ethernet connection proved best. Allows for dual functionality.
Parallels Desktop® 9 for Mac Currently available for purchase through the UNH Computer Store as Parallels 8 on a flash drive and once activated can be upgraded for free to 9. Overall response working within applications or downloading applications from the Web was slow. When downloading large files or applications, use of a hardwire Ethernet connection proved best. Allows for dual functionality.
Apple Bootcamp - Mavericks Functionality, performance, and compatibility were best with Bootcamp. Product is included in the Mac Operating System and available at no additional charge. Does not allow for dual functionality. (User chooses which operating system to run at start-up and must reboot to switch.)

Web Browsers

UNH IT does not recommend using only one Web browser, as none have been found to work with all central UNH IT applications in all circumstances. We recommend installing and using several browsers.  If you have questions about which browser will work with specific software, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance or check the UNH IT online application documentation. Browsers regularly used to access UNH IT applications include the current versions of:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Virus Protection

Email Applications

For Faculty/Staff:

  • Outlook Web Access (web-based -
  • Outlook Office 2013 (windows)
  • Outlook Office 2010 (windows)
  • Outlook Office 2011 (mac) *
  • Outlook Office 2008 Mac Edition ** (mac)
  • Apple Mail (for use with email other than Exchange)

For UNH Students:

Productivity (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation Packages, Database Management)

  • Office 2013 (windows)
  • Office 2010 (windows) **
  • Office 2011 (mac)
  • Office 2008 (mac) **
  • iLife (mac)
  • iWork  (mac)
  • iWork for iOS (iPad)

Enterprise Production Systems

For further information and a complete list of Production Systems, please go to

Academic Systems and Software Applications

For further information and a complete list of Academic and Cluster software, please click on links below.

Other Software Applications

  • Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro XI
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro X **
  • Dreamweaver Creative Cloud
  • Dreamweaver CS6
  • Cyberduck SFTP 4.1.3 (FTP client for Intel-based Macs)
  • VMWare Fusion Desktop (for Intel-based Macs) 5.x** (10.6, 10.7, 10.8)
  • Apple Remote Desktop OS X (3.1 or higher)

* Denotes software meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • UNH IT has found compatibility issues with core applications
  • UNH IT suggests consulting with us prior to purchasing

** Denotes software no longer available for purchase or updated by the manufacturer. Users are urged to upgrade to a newer version for best performance.

Custom Fields
  • Application: Canvas
  • Department: Desktop Support
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