SmartAuth - Registering the Authenticate App

The Authenticate app (by SecureAuth) can be used with the USNH  SmartAuth multi-factor authentication service  on any IOS or Android device. 

Authenticate app icon The Authenticate app is free, secure, and simple to use and creates no data on your device.  It provides the ability to select the "Send login request" when logging into a service protected by SmartAuth eliminating the need to type in a passcode.  And can generate passcodes even when wifi and cellular service is not available.

Registration Steps

Before you begin:

From a Mac/PC:

1.  Log into your SmartAuth Profile

2.  Select "Register Authenticate App on a New Device”. You will be presented with the registration page:

SmartAuth Authenticate page

3. Open the Authenticate app on your device and select + and “Connect with QR code”.

  SmartAuth Authenticate QR code

4. Point your mobile device camera at the QR code on the registration page on your PC/Mac screen. When successful, a code displays in the Authenticate App.


5. Enter code displayed in Authenticate App into the input box in Section 3 “Confirm and Name” of the registration page. Once entered, select the Confirm button.

6. Enter a name for your device (or select from an existing one) and select Save.

7. A confirmation will display. Select Return to go back to your SmartAuth Profile. In the Authenticate App, select finished.

In your SmartAuth Profile, you will now see your device listed twice in the "Devices Registered with Authenticate App" section.

  Registered Devices

The Authenticate App provides you with two options when logging into a service protected by SmartAuth. You can either enter the passcode in the Authenticate app or you can use the "Push to Accept" functionality. To use "Push to Accept", select "Send me a login request" when prompted to select your second factor. For more details go to Instructions for logging into an application or service protected by SmartAuth .

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